Hiring a Node.js Developer? Here are 10 Must-have Skills to Check

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If you already own an enterprise business, development is that the right option for you. However, if you're a start-up or SMB, hiring a developer from the simplest app development company is that the right option to start from scratch and proportion your growth accordingly.


You can leverage several successful technologies within the world to realize your company goals in 2021. Nevertheless, Node.js is one technology that surpasses all the opposite technologies and stands successful within the market.

Node.js isn't a framework or library; it's a runtime environment supported by Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. it's the foremost powerful and most ordinarily used technology today. the pliability of JavaScript including the facility of a robust community has increased the productivity of Node.js developers around the world.

Node.js is an open-source programing language created in 2009 for building full-stack developers. Although Node.js was initially written in C++, it had been built on Google Chrome’s powerful V8 JavaScript runtime. it's to be noted that web development is simpler and faster with Node.js.

Advantages of Hiring Node.js Developers

If the predictions are right, Node.js will become the foremost widely used programing language in the future. Therefore, Node.js developers are in high demand. Many top companies have already started their development to compete strongly within the future.

Here are a couple of advantages of hiring a Node.js developer;

Development of strong & real-time application

Cost-effective option for full-stack development

Easy to find out and adapt to company goals

Reduces time-to-market

Helps in hassle-free cross-platform app development

The future for Node.js developers is bright. Recruiters and HR managers are struggling to seek out the right Node.js developer which will fit the company’s business needs. However, with a couple of must-have skills, you'll refine the competent ones from the newbies.

10 Must-have Skills in Node.js developers

Every Node.js developer features a unique set of skills. However, there are a couple of common features that each Node.js developer should specialize in. Now, allow us to take a glance at the 10 must-have skills you would like to seem out for when hiring the simplest Node.js developer in 2021.

1. Expertise in core Node.js Development

An expert Node.js developer has got to be experienced altogether with the frameworks, IDEs, and tools. An experience with a minimum of 3 years is going to be a valuable addition to your business. Moreover, it's a requirement for Node.js developers to possess knowledge of MVC frameworks for Node.js like Rails, Sinatra, and StrongLoop.

Apart from this, the developers should have active participation in projects that solidify Node.js internals.

2. Proficiency in Front-end Technologies

The front-end is that the interface users see and interact with on the appliance. it's of utmost necessity for the Nodes.js developers to possess the knowledge and dealing experience in front-end design and development like HTML5 and CSS3.

Furthermore, it's their responsibility to form simpler UI/UX elements that attract the users to the appliance. Thus proficiency in front-end technologies may be a must once you hire Node.js developer.

3. RESTful APIs and API Communications

Node.js developers need to be excellent at understanding and creating custom ReSTful APIs. Besides, they ought to also skills to interpret existing API codes to adopt their use to their own projects. In simple words, they ought to have the expertise and hands-on experience to handle interactions between multiple systems.

Creating custom RESTful APIs is tedious. However, an expert Node.js developer can complete it seamlessly.

4. Implementing Data Protection

In today’s digital world, security is an utmost concern for business owners that want to create Apps. Moreover, any IT expert would highlight that implementing data protection systems in apps may be a top priority. But, security is popping into a posh issue.

This can be resolved only with the assistance of the proper Node.js developers. they ought to intensify to code their apps accordingly to stop hacking events, security breaches, and data theft.

5. Error-handling Skills

Error handling skills are one of the foremost challenging skills to develop. However, with long-term experience and guidance comes this skill. it might be an excellent success for your company if you'll hire Node.js developers with this expertise.

Error-handing is crucial for app development. it's a requirement to rent a developer that knows when to log a mistake, when to crash, when to continue, and when to retry.

6. Efficient Code Writing

It will be another advantage if you hire a developer that knows the way to write clean codes. Besides, confirm they follow standard practices in coding that ensure continuity of labor. Moreover, if a team is collectively performing on it, it reduces the time-to-market comfortable.

Clean codes make the event process easier for the developers. But, not all codes a written efficiently. Thus check the developers if they will code efficiently. If not, it'll affect your team’s productivity.

7. Hands-on Experience in User Authentication and Authorization

It is the duty of Node.js developers to possess hands-on experience in user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments. this may help them create highly secure applications. Therefore once you are hiring, confirm your developers know all the required info about User Authentication and Authorization.

8. Excellent Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks

Last but not least, a Node.js develop must have incredible knowledge about all the frameworks in Node.js. Frameworks expand the functionalities and features of apps. it's the role of the Node.js developer to settle on the proper framework consistent with the business needs of consumers.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a Node.js developer is vital in 2021. However, choosing the proper one is equally important. Therefore, the above checklist will help and make sure you select the simplest fit for your business.

The demand and recognition for Node.js developers are increasing drastically. So you would like to gauge the talents, hire developers and proportion your business efficiently. If you're getting to hire, find the simplest Node.js app development company to rent Node.js developers and begin your project instantly.

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