Hire a Music Producer in New Jersey

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James Contreras
Hire a Music Producer in New Jersey

"When it comes to the word New Jersey, Track Garden Studio definitely has you covered. We're a full service recording and mixing studio based in Union City, NJ. We've worked with dozens of musicians in all styles from acoustic to electronic and everything in between.


Our services include: recording studio, sound engineer, engineers, musicians, vocals, production, songwriters, recording, production and more. We utilize top of the line audio recording and mixing equipment/equipment to give our clients the best quality recording experience. Our state of the art studios are equipped with state of the art equipment and state of the art audio recording and mixing systems. Private parking lots available for private or commercial vehicles only. Track Garden Studio strives to put our clients, customers and artists first.


A sound engineer at a studio is like a jack-of-all trades. They can be found handling everything from arranging live instruments and vocals to tracking live audio. A sound engineer has to have a knowledge of numerous different techniques such as sound bounce processing, room correction, fades, compression, equalization, compression / limiting, equalization, compression mastering, session setup, monitoring, and much more. While the studio might have several different sound engineers on staff, depending upon the size of the band and the complexity of the project, each sound engineer has to know how to handle their specific job and perform accordingly. A music producer at a New Jersey recording studio will have no trouble juggling multiple projects at one time. If they are skilled in multitasking and understand the balance between creativity and practicality, they will be able to handle anything that comes their way without getting frazzled under the pressure of multiple responsibilities.


Music is the heartbeat of a live or recording studio. The music producer takes care of all the details so that all of the music sounds great when it appears on the recording. Their job is to craft the songs that will make the recording worthwhile. Music producers can work as songwriters and/or producers but most often stay as audio engineers and mixers. They are the glue that holds a song together and ensure that it's heard on the radio or on a soundboard.


One requirement for employment as a music engineer is having the ability to record and mix on a variety of different platforms. They must be versatile and able to work with a variety of microphones and equipment. This is not to say that they can't produce on a tape recorder or keyboard though. As an engineer, it's your job to ensure that a song sounds great when it's played over a mix and that the recording quality is good enough to allow the end consumer to hear the finished product.


Working in a music producing studio is a challenging job that requires aptitude, musical inclination, and patience to complete each project. If you're looking to get into this field, you'll need to know where to find jobs as they are in abundance at this point in time. Most of New Jersey's music producers work out of their own home studios or freelance. They do not typically make a whole lot of money from their hourly rates. However, the benefits of being a successful music producer far outweighs what they would earn from outside the industry. Click here to know more.

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