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There's been a fair amount of work actually in autism, people are very, very invested in children and adolescents with autism or autism spectrum disorders, and how cannabis or cannabinoids may actually help individuals with social interaction and with anxiety. Anxiety appears to be a very, very critical aspect of autism and ASD for at least some. And so the idea is can you reduce that? And does it make a difference, so there's a fairly concerted effort in that area with regard to children, adolescents. There's a whole program dedicated to it actually in New York state, very, very important. But other than that, I'm thinking about other indications and conditions, I think kids with chronic pain. Very often you don't hear about it because parents perhaps understandably so, will do anything and try anything for their kids when there's really no hope left. But in terms of empirically sound studies on children and adolescents outside of the epilepsy and related seizure disorder issue, there's some work in tuberous sclerosis. Other than the autism and ASD realm, I'm not really aware of too much in terms of kids. - Is there any research that you know of that would back up that cannabis is helpful in treatment plans for physical pain, whether it's chronic like fibromyalgia or something that's sporadic but recurring like menstrual cramps. - So another really great question, actually again.

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Chronic pain was in one of the "Big 3" from NASEM. So according to our own federal government sanctioned study, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that publication said, cannabis or cannabinoids may be indicated in chronic pain in terms of being helpful. There's substantive or conclusive evidence that cannabis or cannabinoids are helpful for chronic pain. Different types of pain, neuropathic pain, musculoskeletal pain, menstrual pain, these are all different. We're actually doing some survey studies and some quasi clinical trials with these types of  slimming gel to assess that very thing. But certainly we have heard a lot of individuals come forward and say that cannabis or cannabinoid based products, hemp gel or cannabis based, absolutely positively are part of their regimens. They have allowed them to cut down on conventional medications, including opioids and other medications, and they appear to get a clinical benefit. We need more empirically sound data to back that up from a clinical trial model, which we actually are approved for and hope to launch, I guess the second half of the next year. - My last question for you is, tell me what's happening that you want to share about from the MIND program? And how do we get involved? Asking for a friend. - That's right. Nope, right, just a friend. So the MIND program is an incredibly busy.

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Program and it started off as a single longitudinal observational study of people using cannabis. And we have them come in over periods of time and we assess how they're doing. We don't tell them what to use or how to use it, we just keep track of it. And then we assess their slimming gel and see what the relationships are. Cognitive, clinical, sleep, sex, measures of brain structure functioning, you name it, we're measuring it. That study continues, and it is the only one of its kind and it has really helped to inform some of our clinical trial models of which we have many either in process or about to launch, including that chronic pain study I just alluded to. We have several studies that are ongoing for anxiety for example. The MIND program also has a study, excuse me, a program dedicated to women. It's called Women's Health Initiative at MIND, WHIM, that looks at conditions and indications disproportionately or exclusively

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