Hemp Gel For Pain

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Hemp Gel For Pain

Findings for example, with hemp seed oil capsules CBD may actually be a very helpful part of a "step-down regimen" for folks, for example with opioid use disorder. And since we're still in the midst of an opioid crisis which got significantly worse during the pandemic, wouldn't it be nice to be able to utilize these types of things? So I think that there are small pockets of individuals and clinics across the country who have done different types of programs with patients who are coming off of different types of drugs. And instead of those drugs, they do a substitution therapy approach. For example, they use high doses of cannabinoids and very often high THC. The idea is no matter how high it is in THC, it's not going to kill you. THC doesn't shut down the brainstem like opioids unfortunately do, I'm just going to use that as an example. So people have done that, I don't believe there's been any controlled studies that have looked at this.

Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis and Hemp

I prefer to have some real scientific data as opposed to anecdotal findings but I know people are very invested in this. And I would say that, for example things like the non-intoxicating constituents which confer a fair amount of benefit when used in conjunction with terpenoids and other constituents may be a way of exploring that at a relatively low risk. But again, it's something to be mindful of. - So we've talked about all the different ways that people consume cannabis, eating, smoking-- - We haven't, we forgot suppositories, I'm just kidding, go on. (Jenn laughs) - So is one way of taking it more effective than other ways? - So again, it sort of goes to condition and desired effect. When we're talking about, I assume you're talking about medical use. And so for medical use, we have inhalation that's vaping and smoking, that's the fastest onset of effect by the way. So you inhale either vaping or smoking and it's into the lungs, into the blood stream, into the brain very, very quickly, minutes really. So the rise time is very low, the overall duration of effect is a little bit shorter than let's say the next one, which might be a sublingual solution or something that is a slowly dissolving product or rapidly dissolving, let's say, strip under the tongue. Then you have things like edibles that have a very, very long rise time,

Hemp Seed Oil Capsules For Our Body

Takes a long time to get an effect but the effect lasts a lot longer. hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg and tablets, again you're swallowing these things so you have to wait for digestion and past the liver to get an effect. Transdermal or topicals, very low bioavailability, so you may need a very different approach when it comes to that. Suppositories, highly efficient way of administering these products. Is one better than the other? For people who need very, very rapid onset of symptom relief, they often turn to routes of administration that include inhalation. But more and more people do not want to use these hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg of administration, in terms of vaping or smoking. So they're looking for something that, again is like a rapidly dissolving strip or lozenge or sublingual solutions. So is one more efficacious than the other? Depends on what the indication is. Lots of folks use maintenance products that are consumable because they can take a tablet or a capsule or even a sublingual solution around the same time every day to keep a steady state. - Aside from epilepsy, which we had talked about before, is anybody doing research on the positive impacts of younger folks using cannabis-based products as part of their treatment plans? - It's actually a great question. And I am not aware of too much in that area, it's interesting. We have a (indistinct) when I give talks about, pediatric samples hemp seed oil capsules.

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