Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

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Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

We need to make sure we have something that we can put on the shelf we feel comfortable with and it allows us to focus on our business when we're working with a quality suppliers like yourself we don't have to worry about that so they don't worry about the quality they want to worry about the hemp cream compliance they don't have to worry about the supply chain those are the biggest challenges we see in the marketplace and that's a void that we are feeling right now for a lot of customers and something.

Hemp Products Every Day for Pain Relief

I wanted to talk about a little bit more you know obviously it was just about a year ago that we introduced you on our podcast on the division and back then it was cbd now we're talking really cbd and we even just talked about this with uh the founder of mj biz on last week's episode 80. but really cbd is an ingredient you know what have you seen in the private label space as the shift from cbd to just overall health and wellness now from some of these private label brands well first of all let me congratulate you i didn't realize you're on show 81 now so that's fantastic first opponents but um the uh with regards to like.

Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis and Hemp Cream

What we're seeing from from the market you're asking is is really is you've got to stay on top of these consumer trends um you know really in working with the private label customers really to craft really what's the most effective and quality products that they can find if you will um there's many different varieties of gummies uh there's other products there's edibles topicals you know and it's really working with the partners so really on these unique formulations to kind of find out what's important to them what they're looking for on the back of other customers that's really the most important thing for them um you know it's it's not necessarily like hey kind of give us what you do here we're just trying to do like everybody else's everyone wants something a bit unique if you will and it's about working with them and that's what we are we're a customization company when it comes to private label that's what we do i mean we're seeing a significant increase in that and people need to know they can come to us it's like we can handle anything it's like it's a yes game for us yes here's how we make this work so and we talk a lot about gummies but you know it's also important to mention on top of the almost 10 million gummies a day there are obviously slimming gel other products that you know across our in-house brands but also the private label brands and partners will come to us with hey can you can you make this talk about a little bit about the capacity for additional products outside of gummies yeah that's a great point you know we love talking about gummies right we make so many elements it's easy like when you make 10 million something a day you're almost to almost two minutes you get excited about talking about that

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