Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

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Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

Making cooking Rick Simpson's hemp cream now I would just first of all I'd like to clear up the temple is actually a soil and boil is dressed from seed and it has auto uses it's very healthy to eat it's a power food so you know hemp oil is different from hash oil hash ah is actually the product that people are using to heal themselves and it is very dangerous to make and the best way to do it is outside there is no safe way to do it but this is the safest way outside well-ventilated and a rice cooker so there is no open okay now things that you're going to need is a pair of food grade [Music] the filter what do you call these things a funnel a spatula some coffee filters.

New Hemp Joint & Muscle Active Relief Gel

Some jars use these to store the product some people use music rick simpson uses an alpha as well and other people use grain alcohol which produces honey oil but I'm gonna stick with the isopropyl alcohol because this is this is Rick Simpsons recipe and mess with that I'm gonna use isopropyl alcohol you get the all the green in the oil and that could be part of the cure so I'm not gonna mess it okay I've got two ounces of marijuana in here I've got blood I've got sugar shake that secondary relief I even doing some stocks what I'm gonna do is crush it up first before I put the alcohol in there it'll help it work faster so I'll just probably between my hands here you can wear rubber gloves.

Hemp Cream Natural Pain Relief

You don't want any or the oil on your hands okay Ramos there lots of little butts that I have to crash up a little bit okay now the formula is you usually get about twelve and a half percent oil so if you use to use two ounces of marijuana you're going to end up with about seven and a half grams of hash okay I think I crushed everything up enough we're ready to add the alcohol now okay what I've got here is for 500 milliliter bottles you just pour the alcohol in one bottle well it's a nice breezy day today which works to my advantage otherwise I would have a plan care in fact I should go get a fan just in case the wind dies down okay that's two 500 Mills for two ounces of marijuana I think that's I'm gonna stick with that that should do it this only takes a few minutes so I'll just again we don't really have to crush it because we already have already crushed it but I'm just gonna move it around here help.

Hemp Cream can Help My Pain

It do its thing, okay we just let that sit for a few minutes okay it's been a few minutes now and she's ready to strain I'm gonna strain it twice a jar right here and we need our funnel and strainer now I'm going to pass it through here once and then I'm going to pass slimming gel it through a filter there you go I'll just mash this down a little bit make sure we get all the alcohol out of there, in fact, I'm just gonna let it sit there a few minutes and just let nature do its thing gravity do the work eh all right

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