Guide to Writing a High-Quality Essay for UPSC Exam

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Guide to Writing a High-Quality Essay for UPSC Exam

Are you familiar with the essay writing assignments in your academic life? Still, writing a flawless essay is the trickiest job for you. However, you cannot avoid it while preparing for the UPSC exam. Do not take the essay writing paper lightly. Without the right approach, you cannot score a high mark.


You cannot learn the right technique of writing an essay in a single day. You need to practice writing the best content for your essay.


IAS candidates have to write essays on different topics. The most important trick to score high in the paper is to maintain relevancy in the content. You need to arrange your ideas properly and write precise content. UPSC will give you credit based on the effectiveness level of the essay. However, you must also focus on the coherence, language style, and overall write-up.


How should you prepare for the essay writing paper?


Focus more on non-fictional books-


While preparing for the General Studies papers, you may have gone through different non-fiction issues. It will help you in gaining knowledge to write the essay content. You will attain maturity in your thought process. Moreover, you have to use the relevant terms and learn the art of arguing on a topic. Read non-fictional books to strengthen your knowledge and obtain high scores in the UPSC essay paper.


Collect quotes and anecdotes-


Real-life stories and quotes in books and newspapers are useful for essay writing purposes. IAS toppers like to start their essays with any relevant story. You may also add quotes of some prominent personalities.


Go through magazines-


You may have already started reading magazines to attempt questions from current affairs. It is also useful for the IAS essay papers. You will learn about government schemes, public health, tribal issues, and other hot topics.


You can join a training program to get benefit from the essay test series. You will learn about the type of essays for which you have to prepare.


Writing an essay in the best language-


To maintain the high-quality language in your UPSC essay paper, you have to avoid using jargon. For instance, when you use the term- Constitutionalism, you must write 1 to 2 sentences about it.


Make your essay easily readable to everyone. The best essay content reflects your clear thinking ability. Write short sentences that give value to readers. Long, complicated sentences lower the quality of your essay.


Make a smooth transition between paragraphs-


It is essential to maintain a connection between two paragraphs. You may add a link sentence while ending a paragraph. Some IAS candidates do not know these rules and ultimately lose their marks.


Take some time to write the conclusion properly-


End your essay with an optimistic note. You have to sum up the essay in a few lines. Use some relevant terms for the concluding part. Your conclusion must evoke a positive feeling in the examiner.


What to avoid while composing the UPSC essay paper?


Never focus too much on one point. Your essay must be multi-dimensional.


Do not deviate from the subject.


You can keep away from writing any abstract philosophical issues when you do not feel comfortable with them.


Devote an equal amount of time for every essay.


How much can you score on your UPSC essay paper?


IAS toppers have scored more than 50% of 250. When your score is between 110 and 125, it is an average standard. But, with 150 to 160, you can beat several competitors.


To score high in the essay paper, you can rely on professional instructors. They will give you the best tips.

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