Guide to select the best full-size panel beds

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Guide to select the best full-size panel beds

Guide to select the best full-size panel beds

Full-size panel beds are uncomplicated beds that have simple frame structures and can accommodate a box spring. They also offer basic comfort for reclining and sleeping.

You will find these units in many outmoded homes because they are cheaper alternatives compared to the platform beds or other robust and heavy bed units.

The finishing of a panel bed can transform the appearance of a bedroom immensely.

This guide will help you select the best full-size bed.

There are five crucial factors to consider before purchasing a full-size panel bed. Read also How to Select the Best Full Size Platform Bed Frame

Size of the room

The size of the room determines the choice of a panel bed. Full-size panel beds measure 75'' x 54'' and they are 96'' in length. If you want a full size panel bed for the master bedroom, then it would be a wise decision. However, a full-size panel bed for the kid’s bedroom will not be a recommended decision. This is because most homes have smaller kid’s rooms.

Panel bed with storage compartments

Because panel beds assume a more traditional look, they have a lot of space underneath. This space allows many to install storage units or additional compartments. Full-size beds work best in tiny roomed apartments.

The best full size panel bed can have a minimum of two drawers and a maximum of six drawers. Having a bed with more than six drawers will not look attractive.

Wood thickness

The thickness of the side rails can make a bed be durable or short-lived. Slender side rails will not support massive weight and will bend over time. Thicker rails, on the other hand, can support massive weights and will serve longer. So, if you want the best full-size panel bed, choose one with thicker side rails. Read also full size platform bed


The construction style of all panel beds is simple. However, the simplicity and detail differ from one bed to the other. Some panel beds have solid wood head and footboards while others have upholstered head and footboards. 

  • Upholstered full-size panel bed

An upholstered headboard is not only an individual choice for many modern rooms. Upholstered boards look elegant and transform the look greatly.

full size platform bed

The Pemberly Row Navy Blue Full Size Upholstered Tufted Panel Bed can be used with a box spring.

  • Metal and wood full-size panel bed

The Amooly Full Size Metal Bed Frame with Wood Headboard Panel Bed is not only a cheaper and beautiful alternative. It offers a unique design, sturdy, and a durable bed choice.

The Black Full Size Metal Bed panel Frame is a simple bed that can be installed in the children's bedroom. It does not need a box spring and the headboard and footboard are included.

  • Customizable full-size panel beds

Panel beds are easy to customize according to your aspirations. You can have a panel bed with solid wood slats or metal slats. The side rail thickness can be between 60mm to 120mm. 

If you have a cultivated imagination and an exceptional design in mind, you can change the look in any panel bed to a modern work of art.  Read more Ultimate Guide to the Best Full Size Platform Bed Frame with Storage

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