Guide to Choose a Right Business Decision

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Vinay Bajrangi
Guide to Choose a Right Business Decision

Starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea! People who love to take risk in life often end up becoming businessmen but that doesn’t mean only they enter the world of business. Someone who makes his or her decisions after proper consultation with the experts and after weighing all the pros and cons also can become astute business leaders. History proves it with many examples. However, not all of us have the wherewithal within ourselves, or the confidence to go down this way. Therefore, Vedic Astrology is the right companion to take along with you whenever you think of becoming a businessman. Business Astrology is a scientific, calculative branch of Astrology, which can easily predict the perfect Business or Job as per your Kundli (horoscope).

Finding out about the best business by date of birth can play a crucial role in your success. Business Astrology ascertains the future as well as daily functioning of your company and yourself. A competent business astrologer can also forecast the top business choices or fields for you to plan for. Some of the points to be kept in mind regarding business astrology are -

3rd House – The third house is the initiator of courageous decisions in life and what could be a better example of that than starting a business from scratch. The fighting spirit that this house grants you helps you overcome all the hurdles before you finally get your business up and running.

6th House – The 6th house, also known as an “Upachaya house and Artha Trikona”, denotes the obstacles, hurdles, enemies and opposition that you may face in your career path, business or otherwise. The Malefic in the 6th house can grant you ability to fight as well as win over your enemies.

7th House – 7th House is placed 10th from the 10th house and is known as the secondary house of career, thus its significance as the main Business house in Astrology cannot be asserted enough.

10th House – The tenth house in your birth-chart is the house of career. In order to achieve an optimum growth in business, it is important to analyse the Lord of the 10th House, planets that reside in the 10th House as well as the 10th lord Navamsha. Apart from your career, whether business or otherwise, this house also guides your life in terms of rewards, achievements, fame and social status.

11th House – The House that decides the amount of financial success you are going to achieve in your business is the 11th house. The blessings of this house and its Lord are imperative for gaining any kind of success in your business. 

People have been seen falling for unsuitable business ideas and eventually giving up altogether. Using Business Astrology and its wherewithal is thus necessary because it will guide you towards the perfect business you must pick up for yourself. Not only that, a professional business astrologer will general suitable business ideas for you and also guide you on when and how to start work on the same. As you’ve seen so far, 4 out of the 12 houses in your horoscope are definite guides to a successful business. You can use this information to achieve success in whichever business line you decide to take.

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