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Graphites 30

Dr. Reckeweg Graphites(Dilution) Graphites 30

Pulverizing of arranged Black Lead from best English attracting pencils is utilized to make the weakenings.

Normal Name: Plumbago, Black lead

Causes and Symptoms for Dr. Reckeweg Graphites Graphites 30

Graphites, one of the carbon cures, which likewise contains a little level of iron, is a significant dermatitis cure, just as helpful in other skin issues.

Expressions of warmth of organs, skin, and mucous layers, particularly at openings denotes its activity. Graphites 30

Hack around evening time, or in the evening in bed, energized by taking a full motivation is alleviated with Graphites.

Expanding and hardness of the mammary organs, Swelling of the organs of the neck.

Incredible propensity to take cold, and dread of the outside. Graphites 30

Fast disappointment of solidarity with incredible weakening is checked with Graphites.

Undesirable skin, each injury watching out for ulceration is a quality of this medication.

Psyche and Head

The psyche is dull and lazy, moderate to get data. Absence of ability to comprehend, to think, to talk.

Irritabiltity about trifles show Graphites 30 .

Migraine in morning on waking, for the most part on one side with deadness is calmed with Graphites.

Dizziness with shadiness in the first part of the day, feeling of completion or vacancy in the head is mitigated with Graphites. Graphites 30

Eyes, Ear and Nose

Warmth and consuming sensation in the eyes, Intolerance to the light of day with Shooting torments, redness of eyes is assuaged with Graphites.

Hardness of hearing better when riding in a carriage with Dryness of the inner ear.

Dry scabs in nose, Stoppage with Nostrils, abraded, broke and ulcerated.

Mouth and Throat

Consuming rankles on tongue, salivation is mitigated with Graphites.

Dryness of the mouth toward the beginning of the day is mitigated with Graphites.

Growing of the tonsils, with torments while gulping with unpleasantness and scratching in the throat.

Stomach and Abdomen

Sharp risings, with harshness in the mouth, Colic, and tension on the stomach.

Spasms in stomach better by eating shows the drugs Graphites 30 .

Thundering in the midsection with Painful growing of the inguinal organs is assuaged with Graphites.

Exhausting agony in area of navel, stretching out into back. Extremely offensive gas went before by colic. Graphites 30

Stomach torment, after food, which is assuaged by hot food or drink, particularly warm milk.

Indigestion frequently joined by a sensation of serious warmth in the stomach and throat, causing a longing for cold beverages shows Graphites 30 .

Stool and Rectum Graphites 30

stools are enormous, hard, knotty, clogged up.

Varices of the rectum. Gap of rear-end is calmed with Graphites.

Female objections

Graphites is valuable in hot flushes, night sweats, sporadic or late periods, vaginal dryness with repugnance for copulation. Graphites 30

Past the point of no return menses related with obstruction marks graphites.

Extraordinary shortcoming in back with swollen and hard mammae/bosom, sore, broken, and rankled areolas is soothed with Graphites. Graphites 30

Male grumblings

Ejections on the crotch region with tingling and ejaculatory grievances are calmed.


Ligament pulling and tearing in the appendages and joints, particularly in ulcerated parts.

Nodosities framed on the joints are diminished with assistance of Graphites. Graphites 30

Expanding and firmness, solidness and twisting of the fingers. Thinness of the hands.

Expanding of the legs and of the feet, with hardness and shooting torment, solidness and need of adaptability.

Spasms and beginning of the muscles in the calves of the legs.


Graphites is useful in dry skin breaks and pieces.

Skin inflammation regions are thickened and there is an inclination to shape thick scars after medical procedures shows Graphites.

The attribute of Graphites is; that it dries into yellow coverings. Graphites 30

It happens on the flexor surfaces, that is in the curves of elbows, crotches, behind the ears, toward the sides of the mouth, and in the eyelids.

The fissuring of the skin, particularly at the muco­cutaneous borders incorporates; sides of nose, mouth and butt is checked with Graphites.

Sweeping statements

Patients touchy to minimal draft of cold air shows Graphites

A checked quality of Graphites is a surge of blood to head, with flushed face.

Graphites is fit to people who tend to put on undesirable fat. Graphites 30

Symptoms of Dr. Reckeweg Graphites

There are no such results. Yet, every medication ought to be accepted adhering to the guidelines as given.

It is protected to take the medication regardless of whether you are on other method of prescription like allopathy meds, Ayurveda and so on

Homeopathic prescriptions never meddle with the activity of different meds.

Dose and rules while taking Dr. Reckeweg Graphites 30

Take 5 drops into equal parts cup of water three times each day.

You can likewise sedate the globules and take 3 times each day or as endorsed by the doctor.

We prescribe you to take under doctors direction. Graphites 30

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