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Good Chablis wine

Chablis wine

We brought in this great producer based upon some samples they sent over a couple of months ago!
We tasted 4 bottles of their samples along with a ringer from Chablis. The result was stunning, the well-known Chablis ringer turned out to be ranking last in every aspect, it’s a total shame and pity for this ringer.First time I had Chablis from this plot, was told that Montmains also covered some better known plots like Butteaux and Forets, so it has to be a respectable 1er Cru plot. Bouquet started with ocean breeze, but morphed into forest freshness. A sip and my eyes lit up, there was this piercing acidity that’s so lively and enjoyable, absolutely stunning start!
As I slowly drink the remaining glass, I realize it has this Yin (acidity) and Yang (butter) character, the palate has this smooth buttery taste as well as great minerality, it’s really enjoyable to have the best of both combinations. I talked to the winemaker thereafter, he told me they pushed maturation to 24 months, and they will do the same for all other 1er Cru wines they produce starting 2019.
Fourchaume being one of the most famous 1er Cru plot of Chablis, I do have high expectations out of it!
I still have some leftovers of Montmains, so it’s really good for comparison sake. It took me many sips to tell the difference. The bouquet was elegant with fruity flavors. Palate was with the usual great piercing acidity, although this wine is more feminine than Montmains, probably due to only 12 months maturation, thus it really gives a lively and indulging feeling, without too much coloration. Personally I prefer the Montmains but I’d take this Fourchaume anytime as well.

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