Gojek Clone The Best Multiservice App Solution For On-Demand Startups

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Gojek Clone The Best Multiservice App Solution For On-Demand Startups

By offering extra comfort and convenience mobile app based service businesses have become favourite among users. Groffers, Grab, Guber, Taskit, etc are some of the popular names. However, to beat the competition a young entrepreneur has to come-up with a unique solution. Gojek clone is that unique solution that you can use to start your online on-demand business.


What Is A Gojek Clone?

Created to serve the on-demand business market at its best, Gojek clone is a ready-made multiservice app solution. The best part about it is that it allows businesses to run 52+ businesses with one single app. Being ready-made helps small businesses to launch their Gojek clone app in less time and without investing a lot of money. 


There are a number of mobile app developers around the world offering their version of this ready-made solution. Most of them offer free consultation as well, defining how you can create your own business with a Gojek clone. Defining what you can do with a Gojek clone we are here. Below are some of the major businesses that can be run with a Gojek clone:


On-demand taxi business

Food delivery 

Grocery delivery

Online Doctor

Flowers Delivery

Wine Delivery



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