Girl Driver, Entrepreneur, The Future shared a post on Instagram: "Grow the sport! Day 9 We were nominated by Morin Motorsports to complete the 10-day Jr Dragster Challenge. Every day, I select an image from a day in the life of Jr Dragsters that has had an impact on us, or was a memorable moment, and post it without a single explanation. Then we nominate somebody to take the challenge. That’s 10 days, 10 Jr Dragster photos, 10 nominations and 0 explanation. Be active, be positive, be passionate... Grow the sport nominee - @higginsracing6907 #jdrl #racefriends #meetmeatthetrack #juniordragracing #racefamily #repyoursport #dragracing #thefutureofdragracing". Follow their account to see 605 posts.