Get the best anomaly scan at City Ultrasound

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Get the best anomaly scan at City Ultrasound

By the 20th week of pregnancy, you need to let the feeling sink in that you're going to become a mother. Isn't that feeling overwhelming? Of course it is. But, the only thing you can do is work towards ensuring the safety of your child.


While many to-be parents for regular scans, there are some who go for only the important ones. Well, anomaly scan is one of the most crucial mid-pregnancy scans that the to-be mother should go through. The Anomaly Scan is usually conducted around 21-23 weeks. You should not miss out on the 201st week and go for an anomaly scan as soon as possible. City Ultrasound has been working towards providing the best anomaly scan in London to all the expecting mothers.


What is an anomaly scan?

The anomaly scan is usually done around the 18th to 21st week and is aimed at checking how the fetus is doing in the womb. Nonetheless, the treatment aims at taking a closer look at if there are any possible disabilities to the fetus.


The scan gives a clear view of the child's face and features. It might as well be said to be a dating scan that is usually indicated with the help of white and black dots. As parents, it is probably the first time that most of them get to see their child. Exciting, isn't it?


Why is anomaly scan done?

As stated, Anomaly Scan is mostly done to check for the underlying conditions and health of the fetus. It provides the sonographer a better opportunity to check if the child will have any birth defects. Some of the common conditions that anomaly scan usually checks include the following


Cleft lip

Open spina bifida

Lethal skeletal dysplasia

Diaphragmatic hernia

Cardiac abnormalities


It is advisable to visit professional clinics like City Ultrasound to do the anomaly scan.

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