Get Best Price For Delta Flights to Australia

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Get Best Price For Delta Flights to Australia

Delta Air Lines is the world's largest airline. From hubs in Atlanta, New York, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, Salt lake City and Tokyo, Delta, its Northwest subsidiary and Delta Connection offer services to 379 destinations in 66 countries. Delta began a daily nonstop service between Sydney and l.A. effective 03 July 2009 and flies new 777-200LR aircraft.

Upon arrival, Delta will offer Australian passengers connections to numerous U.S destinations, because of the strength of their U.S network. Luggage are going to be checked for convenience and seamless connections. Delta utilizes Terminals 5 and 6 for both International arrivals and domestic departures lowering minimum connection time.

With it's Delta Northwest and Delta Connection subsidiaries and hubs in major cities across America, Asia and Europe, Delta Airlines is the perfect airline for all travellers.

Delta Flights to Australia

Delta Air will commence services from Sydney to L.A. in July 2009. The new flight route will make Delta the sole airline to service every continent within the world (excluding Antarctica). Delta will offer direct Delta Flights to Australia to destinations round the world and can also operate flights from Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra with the assistance of Australia’s national airline Qantas

On Board with Delta Airlines

In order to completely take care of their passengers, Delta Airlines provides their guests with the chance to observe on the wing movies on end of the day flights. Delta Air also offers HBO series, specials, movies, games and over 18 satellite networks on demand.

All Delta customers have access to USB ports no matter Cabin class . These ports have enough power to recharge small personal electronic devices like mobile phones or MP3 players. Power outlets also are available on most seats of Delta Airlines planes.

Delta Airlines Business Class

Horizontal seats are available on specific Delta flights, offering customers a 180 degree angle to sleep comfortably on an extended journey. so as to form Business Elite passengers feel totally comfortable Delta offers customers full size pillows, quilted duvets, complimentary ear plugs, eye shades, gourmet food and wine and private on the wing entertainment.

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Classes of Delta Airlines Travel

Business Elite

Delta Air Lines invites international customers to stretch out and lie flat on our fully horizontal personal sleeper suites in Business Elite class. the private suites feature a reclining seat that adjusts to multiple comfortable positions, including a totally flat surface offering travelers a 75 inch bed, a privacy screen incorporating pull out meal table, fold out video monitor, integrated footrest, personal stowage compartment and immediate access to the aisle in order that you do not need to disturb another passenger when exiting your suite. Amenity kits feature Korres Natural Skincare products. Celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein and master sommelier Andrea Robinson provide culinary creations on sleek, modern china and linens, amid palate pleasing wine selections designed to stay delicious at 30,000 feet.

Economy Class

Delta AirLines 777-200 LR aircraft offer Economy Class customers all new leather slimline seats, each with on demand entertainment given individual 9 inch video monitors. Delta's seats include adjustable headrests, additional under seat storage, ergonomically designed cushions with a seat pitch of 31-33 inches. International Delta flights customers in Economy Class enjoy enhanced food offerings with complimentary beer and wine throughout the journey. Special meals are available.

In-flight Entertainment

Delta on Demand is a complicated in-flight entertainment system which features a good array of options for patrons of films, TV, specials, games and music. Passengers can watch what they need , once they want with Delta on Demand. choose between movies, TV series, specials also as dozens of games and over 3700 mp3's. All enjoyed noise cancelling headphones.

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