Front Desk Skills: Dos and Don’ts of Answering Calls

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Front Desk Skills: Dos and Don’ts of Answering Calls

Your practice may have the latest and greatest phone system on the market, but if your receptionist doesn’t know how to do his or her job properly, it really won’t matter much. When someone calls in, whether it’s a prospect or an existing client, the way your receptionist handles that call can make or break the outcome. If your agent(s) could use some brushing up on front desk skills, here are a few dos and don’ts to get your team pointed in the right direction.

The goal should always be to end all calls on a professional note. For best results, call conclusions should include the use of the caller’s name and a reiteration of the “next steps,” whenever applicable. For instance, “Thanks so much for calling, Mrs. Smith. Your appointment is set for X date. Someone from our office will call you the day before as a friendly reminder.” If the caller is upset, close by saying something like: “I’m so sorry for this experience, Mr. Jones. As discussed, the doctor has been notified and you should expect to receive a call back no later than close of business today.”


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