Flirty Texts For Him

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Flirty Texts For Him

Are you curious about the types of text messages that make a man grin and pay attention to you? Maybe you're pining for the love of a certain man in particular. Perhaps you're tired of getting ignored by guys when you email them, and you'd like to put an end to it.


If that's the case, keep reading because you've found my definitive guide to send flirty texts for him. However, it is essential for you to closely read the following few expressions before using all of them.


Most guys just saw me as a "little bit of fun," never as "girlfriend material." It seemed as though I'd never been able to grasp my vision of starting a family with a guy who really cared for me. Thankfully, I was able to fix the situation. 


Trust me, these flirty texts for him will surely do the magic:


1. 'I decided to get you something that'd make you happy, but the delivery guy ordered me to get out of the mailbox! *Broken heart emoji*.'

Oh, my goodness! However, he will undoubtedly smile when he receives the letter.


2. 'I without my guy will be like Monica without Chandler, sneakers without socks, and a world without sun.'

It's a little cheesy, but it works!


3. 'Well, I'm a jobless teenager with a diploma in cuddling, a scholarship in caring, and a master's degree in kissing.' Is there anything you can do for me?'

Work security is assured!


4. 'Pardon me, I have dropped something while looking at your photos once more...' 'My jaw has dropped!'

My heart, as well.


5. 'Did you know that your body is 65 percent water? 'Right now, I'm really thirsty.'

This one's a keeper, as you can see.


6. 'Are you aware of the weight of penguins? Enough to crack the ice, at least. 'Howdy!'

When you've got the little squabble, this is a lifesaver.


7. 'I adore you almost as much as I adore french fries.'

That's a lot of passion, don't you think?


8. 'How you doin '?' Of course, any Friends fan will beam at some point during the day, thanks to Joey's sly grin.


9. 'I'm confused between wanting food or wanting you.' You, not the food. 'Perhaps you should eat!'

Simply delicious!


10. 'I'm not a psychiatrist, but I can predict you and me in my bed together.'

* I'll see you when I can*


11. 'Do you know what you'd be if you were a vegetable? 'What a cute-cucumber!'

These kinds of compliments are always welcome!


12. I will always love you. Laugh out loud! But I won't be able to survive that long.

That is right!


14. We have a lot to chat about whether hugging is the language of love....and let's just avoid texting after this text. 

Allow him to come in.

15. 'People believe that love can be found around any corner... But, what do you think, I'm going in circles?'

This is a smart way to draw your crush's focus to your love.


16. 'I'd like you to share a candle-lit dinner with me and say these three magical lines... You will pay.'

This one would surely make him laugh!


These are some amazing flirty messages for him.


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