Fat transplant / face

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Fat transplant / face

Wrinkles, deep furrows, too thin lips, bumps or bumps on the face and neck area can be annoying. Artificially produced preparations are reported to be used with limited and short-term results. Fat injection is recommended if you want a more lasting result for the treatment of sores and furrows in the face and neck. Fat injection for the face can also be used as an additional procedure for, for example, facelift.

The fat is taken from your own body through special needles. This is done under local anesthesia and sedative medication (sedation), and is treated in a special way before it is injected with a special syringe (so-called Coleman's technique) in the desired area.

It is assumed that you have areas where you can get fat to move it to the desired area. The amount of fat depends on the volume in the area you want to correct.

It is mostly about relatively small amounts of fat. It is an advantage to take fat from an area that needs correction during the same session, for example combining liposuction of the abdomen or thighs with correction of the face and lips.

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Usually the fat is integrated (grows) well in the receiving area, but it must be assumed that the body absorbs (sucks) approx. 30% of the amount of fat in the first months (slightly less in the face), therefore you fill a little more than you need (overcorrects) to compensate for this (not in the eye region). Minor irregularities may therefore occur after surgery which can be corrected within the warranty period.

During the consultation, your wishes and needs are thoroughly assessed with regard to the whole and the area where the fat is to be taken. If there is an indication for other procedures, this is considered whether it should be done at the same time or by a separate operation.

In a standard fat injection, you get small scars of about 1-2 mm, where the needles must be inserted to inject the fat.

To get an optimal result and to avoid complications, it is recommended that you have as normal a weight as possible and follow the conditions mentioned above as far as possible. If you smoke, you must quit at least 1 week before surgery and be smoke-free for 2 weeks after surgery.

We close the wound with stitches that dissolve on their own. In principle, the operation does not provide a basis for sick leave. Physical exercise and hard physical work should wait about 4 weeks. We recommend that you tape the scars for a few months after the operation.


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