Exotic Chutneys That It Go Well With Idli Or Dosa

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If you are a South Indian living in Doha, Qatar then you might be craving for some exotic South Indian dishes. You can simply order the best Dosa in Doha, if you are craving for some. The Dosa restaurant will provide you exotic South Indian dishes along with some of these exotic chutneys:
  • White coconut chutney
If you are a coconut lover, you can always go forward with ordering the white coconut chutney along with your favourite Idli or Dosa. The white coconut chutney consists of ingredients like fresh grated coconut, roasted gram dal, a few green chilies, a dice of Ginger, some salt to taste and a little water. This is super easy to make because you need to first mix all the ingredients then add a little water and crime them together in a mixer grinder. This technique does not need to be served hot, so you can keep the chutney at room temperature before serving.
  • Red and green coconut chutney
You can add colors to your usual white coconut chutney and you will get these chutneys along with your best Dosa in Doha orders. If you have ordered a red coconut chutney, it will contain grated coconut, roasted gram dal, some cumin seeds, a few red dry chilies, a few tablespoon of tamarind, salt to taste and water. However, if you are ordering some green coconut chutney it will contain grated coconut, roasted gram dal, a lot of chopped coriander, a few green chilies, a dash of lemon juice, salt to taste and water.

The process of making these chutneys is exactly the same as how white coconut chutney is made. So if you have ordered white coconut chutney, you can also transform them into Red and green coconut chutney at home by either adding Red chilies or a lot of coriander. These chutneys are also served cold so you can keep the chutney at normal room temperature before serving.
  • Onion tomato chutney
If you are ordering an onion tomato chutney it will contain onions, tomatoes, Ginger, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, Urad dal, salt to taste, asafetida, red dry chilies, oil, turmeric powder and red chili powder. This chutney is served hot, so you can balance the cold chutneys and the warm chutneys together. It is best if you order one warm chutney and one cold chutney to increase the appetite for your idli and Dosa.

You can order your favourite Dosa from the Dosa house Qatar, anywhere and anytime of the day.

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