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Everything you need to know about face masks - Navah

 For a few years, face masks have been a beauty staple across  the world and  become a must-have skincare essential for skincare routine.

Face masks aren't just skincare products online to take care of your skin they are the nicest way to give that spa experience at home. So, face masks will be an excuse for spending 20 minutes relaxing and pampering for a healthy glow. 

Those 20 minutes give the skin a smooth feel, minimize pores, and the great thing about face masks is they offer  quick, striking results that feel magical. 

How Does a Face Mask Benefit the Skin?

A face mask integrated with powerful ingredients as a concentrated form. When Face masks  are  applied over the skin for a certain time, it accesses ingredient goodness  deep within the skin, acquiring the whole benefits of the used ingredients. 

A.It purifies Pores

People who are dealing with large pores know why to cleanse their faces. Dirt in the pores changes to zits and pimples.  Face masks help in unclogging pores and offer extra skincare benefits. such as maintaining skin pH level and  absorb additional skincare products.

B. Boosts Hydration

Twice a week or weekly mask helps in sealing  the uses you receive from your basic products. Face Masks that are great in water content access fruitful channels that penetrate the skin deeply. A good fix to  look for an instant plump.

C. Deep cleansing

 Cleansing daily cleans the skin by taking out oil, dirt,  impurities, makeup through  the skin surface. A good face mask helps to remove impurities under the upper epidermis layer. Facial masks used as “detoxing” as they notice the skin changes and offers  a deep cleansing process, for a development in the pores appearance tote way you feel and see 

D. Get a Glowing skin

Applying Face masks boosts blood circulation. This whole method of the mask drying over the face and starting to dry up, then the disposal of the mask, results in the blood vessels expanding within the skin. This assures a whole skin tone improvement. You will be left with smooth and softer-looking skin, along with a refreshing appearance and radiant glow. Apply a mask, relax, and breathe while your skin is transforming. 

Types of face masks:

Clay masks help in detoxifying the skin and removing oil impurities from the skin surface. Clay masks are known to detoxify skin, unclog pores for a quick glowing complexion tone.

An overnight mask does the wonder while you sleep. Ingredients in these masks leave the skin happy and healthy for the next morning.

Sheet masks are made of cotton, fiber,  coconut pulp, cellulose along with holes and cut-outs at the mouth, nose,  eyes. Sheet masks are packed with strong ingredients that help in exfoliating, hydrating, and  brightening skin for a glowing and smooth complexion.

Brightening face masks enhance uneven skin tone appearance that gives radiance for a dull complexion. Effective concentrated blends of  brightening ingredients, like Licorice, arbutin,  vitamin C, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and more.

How to apply a face mask?

It is advised to cleanse the face before applying a mask cleansed face. Go with your normal cleanser to take out surface oils, makeup, dirt before applying a face mask. This gives you perfect benefits.

 Use damp hands, and apply a mask on the  damp skin. Don't rub the mask over your skin. It needs to be applied as a  frosting over the cupcake. Avoid eye area,  nostrils clear and expand the mask from the face, down the throat, and neck.  

 Leave the face mask for 10 -20 minutes and do  whatever you need. But  don’t leave the face mask on for more than 25-30 minutes. Follow the directions exactly.

Then remove the mask. Don't be too rough while removing it. Utilize much water, a washcloth and a gentle wash to take the mask. 

After knowing  these facial masks' advantages, it is sure and must to add a face mask to the skincare routine. 

What is the best Face mask for multi-tasking?

A face mask that ticks every skin problem is tough to find.  Introducing you Back to brighten - blueberry face mask from Navah that gives complete and effective  skincare with a single product. This face mask is formulated with blueberry, almond oil, kaolin clay, hyaluronic acid that helps in removing excess dirt and oil,  detoxifies the skin, and deep cleans pores.

Along with reducing acne breakouts, dark spots, it helps in maintaining a balanced complexion. Kaolin clay helps with bringing   bright complexion and  a soft glow while moisturizing the skin. With the addition of crucial nutrients, your skin repairs itself perfectly at night to wake up with a dazzling glow with a softer feel in the morning. 

What is the best face mask for anti-aging and radiation?

With Navah's Run for radiance – a goji berry face mask helps in diminishing and preventing visible signs of aging. A good blend of pink clay, Goji berry, liquorice extract is enhanced with mineral exfoliating for a radiant and glossy finish and events out the skin. Maximizes collagen generation and elasticity with a rosy touch. 

What is special about Navah face masks?

Navah is the leading skincare line including two clay face masks to planner skin  where their creamy consistency feels as a spa-like feel on the skin.  that only utilizes  organic ingredients, and never engages with any other harmful chemicals  to get face masks that are  safe for the skin. Navah face masks are included with high active ingredients and much more powerful additions for  health and wellness of the skin and  offer you healthy ingredients. 


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