Ever thought of buying cashmere wool? Here are the top 5 reasons to buy one

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Richard Moore
Ever thought of buying cashmere wool? Here are the top 5 reasons to buy one

Cashmere wool, or Cashmere previously known as Kashmiri wool, is a special kind of wool obtained from different breeds of goats, for example, Pashmina goat, Cashmere goats, or goats found in the deserted areas of Kashmir and Himalayan regions. The Cashmere fiber is obtained from the neck regions of these animals because there the fibers are very short in length but very dense in volume. Cashmere wool is the most expensive, most delicate, and thinnest fibers among the naturally occurring fibers. Given below are the reasons to buy Cashmere Blanket.

1. Fashionable

The best part about Cashmere wool is that it can be mixed and matched with any outfit ranging from Ethnic, Western to a wedding. Companies prefer local artisans to design and decorate jobs because they tend to know better about the fabric. Are you always in trend? Because of its high versatility, it compliments every outfit. You can always add a Cashmere scarf or blazer to your outfit; it will enhance your look and make you feel desirable.

2. Comfortable & Lightweight 

Cashmere is made up of the finest and smallest animal fiber. These fibers are tightly packed to each other that they have tiny spaces in them, thus making it three times more warm, softer and the cloth takes the shape of the body when worn, so it is less itcher than sheep wool. Hence perfect in chilly weather. Densely packed fibers don't allow much air to enter the fabric, making it lightweight and more comfortable to wear in and out of the jacket. 

3. Long-lasting

Cashmere wool products are hand-woven and made out of pure fabric as nothing goes in blending in them, and they can be hand washed easily with a mild detergent, thus making it durable and long-lasting.  

4. Expensive

In India, 90% of the Cashmere products are processed in the Kashmir region, and from there, it is exported worldwide. In Cashmere wool, nothing goes into blending, and these products are 100 % organic and much more robust. That's why buying a Cashmere product will be slightly heavy on your pockets, but it is must luxurious item to have in your wardrobe. 

5. Easy to Handle

Cashmere products can be handled effortlessly. They can be washed with mild detergent at home and can be packed and folded in your handbags and hence travel friendly. 

6. Multipurpose

Because of its high tensile strength, cashmere fabric has a vast scope in the textile industry. It can be pretty much molded into anything. You can cover yourself from head to toe in its products. Cashmere products are very readily available in the market, and you can buy cashmere blankets, sweaters, jackets, dresses, and more online. 


Cashmere is probably the finest naturally occurring wool in the market. To begin with the product range, is long-lasting, durable, always in fashion, washable at home, cozy and warm to wear, a bit expensive but must-have item to upgrade your wardrobe. 

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