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Type thing i was picturing i was picturing it would have gone more on maybe like an old toronto or a buick le saber or something but this looks like a truck sized one let's see if it fits oh yeah perfect so i'm going to add this to the tool kit or at least find a place for it in here where i won't lose it maybe i'll put it in with my registration and that way i won't have to worry about getting the oil open on a trip what i will do is i'll drill a hole through here so i can stick a rod in there i'll use one of the rods that's already in the tool kit so i have to add another item to the list i'm gonna do that now side project this thing is nasty the tool kit from the enduro bikes is just full of dirt and i don't know rust bits even though i don't think the tools are rusty but it's at least dirty so i'm going to clean this while it's out too because why not i dumped out all the tools some fuses came out so that's good smart previous owner brought along a few fuses or maybe bmw puts these in i don't know a whole bunch of bits and rust and dirt came out some of the tools are pretty rusty actually i wonder if i can sand those down i'm going to try that and uh the case itself is pretty dirty and while i'm doing that why not spend some time wiping.


this down so in for a penny infrared pound here i got the tools a little cleaner at least i used it's actually like a sandpaper type attachment for my drill and although not perfect they're at least better than they were and at the same time i cleaned the case just some car soap and water and uh mitt so now i'm gonna let it get really dry so that i don't get my tools all rusty all over again and i drill a hole through that wheel nut we were talking about not exactly sure the size but looks like it's maybe which one was it well you can test it looks like maybe a 5 16 or something size was perfect it's a really firm fit so it's not going to wiggle around or break or stretch the hole and uh kind of excited to try.

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It out so why not oh yeah works great so that's awesome thanks to thanks to gm for making that specialty bmw part for us i also cleaned up the area under the seat a little bit i just took a sponge and some soapy water and clean this up a little bit so it's a little better this area is still pretty dirty i didn't want to spend too much time on it and get the computers wet and all this stuff looks expensive and scary to me so i don't want to deal with that but at least for the back half it's pretty clean and not disgusting to work on now while i was at it i cleaned up the underside a little bit i'm not going to get it super clean because it's just going to get dirty again next time i ride it but it's cleaner than it was so that's a start also one more purchase i made i picked up this aluminum motorcycle trailer this can carry both my gas gas motorcycles for sale and the other red honda bike if i needed.


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