Emotional Intelligence and Parenting

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Emotional Intelligence and Parenting

As parents, you want the very best for your children. You have a responsibility to encourage your child to develop his/her intellect. Parents work hard towards Raising emotionally intelligent child so that they are able to meet the social standards of society and possess good moral standing. This not only implies to academic intellect, but also to Emotional Intelligence in Children. What is it? It is defined as an individual's ability to express and handle feelings appropriately while respecting the feelings of others. It is the capacity to manage one's experience and expression of emotions. It is a set of skills that children can start learning at any age. With practice, children enhance their capacity for psychological self-regulation.


There has been various research that suggests that Emotional Intelligence for Kids is especially important in determining your child success. There are ways by which you can raise emotional intelligence in Kids. Some of them are as follows:


Teach Them Coping Skills

Once children understand their emotions, they will need to learn how to manage them healthily. Understanding how to calm themselves down, cheer themselves up, or confront their fears could be complex for small ones. As a parent, you can guide them and help them learn coping skills in their early life.


Label Feelings

The first step to creating emotional intelligence kid is being conscious of how your child feels in various situations and encouraging them to discuss it. Discuss the language of emotions in your house so that your child learns to attach a tag to a feeling. A child's ability to recognize emotions in themselves is a significant aspect of EQ and self-awareness.


Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Part of building emotional intelligence entails learning how to resolve problems. After the feelings are labelled and addressed, it is time to work through how to solve the problem itself. Help them identify at least five ways they may solve this issue. Solutions don't need to be great ideas. Initially, the purpose is to brainstorm ideas.


Integrate Emotional Intelligence 

However emotionally intelligent your kid seems, there's always room for improvement. And there will likely be some ups and downs throughout childhood and adolescence. As they grow older, they are most likely to face barriers that will challenge their abilities. So, make it a goal to integrate skill-building into your daily life. If your child is young, discuss feelings daily.



Final Words

Children have a tough time controlling their emotions. Communicate with compassion and understand so that your child can start to understand and piece together their heightened emotional state.


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