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A hand mixer is a handheld device that is used for mixing, beating, whipping and blending, etc. A hand mixer that runs on electricity is said to be an electric hand mixer  while there are some more hand mixers that do not run on electricity called a non-electric hand mixer. It is a small machine and you can easily store it anywhere and also use it anywhere like at the top of the stove, sink, etc by using any bowl. It is easier to use and also easier to clean so u don’t need extra effort for this. In this modern society, every woman must have an electric hand mixer as through this you can easily blend everything in little time as compared to a non-electric hand mixer.


Speed and Weight 

Hand-held electric mixer offer various speed options for blending and beating various ingredients. Many  companies offer three low rates to ensure ingredients get blended without scattering. With numerous  velocities, a hand electric mixer can blend any ingredient from bread rolls to the hardest ones. Hand blenders are best in blending different ingredients. They allow you to hold and move the gadget easily. It also helps you save your time or if you are in hurry, you just have to press a quick button and the blender will change from the most reduced to the highest speed and blend your mixture rapidly. Hand electric mixer has a light weight and can work with lively speed. An individual not holding a hand blender appropriately may wind up dropping it on the floor or knocking off the counter. If your hand blender has a skewed handle, you can get a decent grasp and don’t need to apply a lot of power to deal with its speed. 



The electric hand mixer price may vary from Rs 2000 to so on (approximately 10,000). If you want to buy  the best electric hand mixer, you may buy hand held electric mixer of range Rs 5000 to above and you  can also use it professionally while if you want to use only in home then u can buy cheap electric hand mixer which varies from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 range. Non electric hand mixer price varies from Rs 300 to Rs  1000. The nonelectric hand mixer is the cheapest hand mixer.



The scope of foods that can be blended in with a hand mixer is very broad. It’s the most common device for whipping cream or eggs, blending cake mixture, and making things like icing. Quite possibly the most well-known use is for whipping boiled potatoes, making dough for biscuits and cake material mixing, etc since it’s the simplest method to make mashed potatoes, making biscuits dough and cake mixture. Food varieties with a weighty consistency can be hard to blend in with a hand blender. It relies upon the  softness of foods and the force of the blender.



So, From the above information, we come to conclude that an electric hand mixer is the most reliable device used for mixing different ingredients. It has user-friendly prices, is also easy to use and saves  time. So, I think it’s the most important hand held mixer which every kitchen must have.

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