E-Health: The Birth Of New Concepts In The Healthcare Industry

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E-Health: The Birth Of New Concepts In The Healthcare Industry

From artificial organs to commercial space lines, and humanoid robots, the list of technological advancements in the present day is endless. More so, the way it continues to shape the society is unexplainable. The new creation of technology – digital health – is a product of rapid advancement and evolution in the healthcare system.  Also known as e-health, the concept has made medical treatment easy and revolutionary. The total concept encompasses home health, education, chronic disease management, and counseling. To help both patients and professional, several tech tools are currently designed to convey the functionality of the system.

In a single population, the changes that will conveniently transform the population’s health are simple. They are:

  • The embedment of healthful behaviors from birth
  • Rewarding care efforts for the outcome, instead of volume
  • Providing patients with the tools to play key roles in their health

Although it requires huge effort across several generations, rewarding outcomes and embedding behaviors are a work in progress. Luckily, many patients have the necessary tools to engage in their health. The main promise of e-health is that the empowerment of patients by:

  • The introduction of tools that allows you to monitor health data
  • Moving care provision to convenient periods and places that befit them

For a mere consultation, a patient may rush from one specialist’s office to another. But the implementation of the products of e-health ascertains the elimination of such hassle. Rural patients do not have to drive several miles to consult their caregiver. Instead, remote monitoring and video conferencing will seal off the gap. Computers are already doing so much work that patients needn’t involve themselves. Presently, the world is at the stage where anyone can access on-demand health whenever, wherever, and however they want it.

Telehealth: no need for the human touch

The most important modalities of telehealth are remote patient monitoring (RPM). This means that more people can maintain their health from the confines of their home. This certainly reduces the cost of readmission, consultation, and commuting. Telehealth is the best option for elderly patients. Elderly people will benefit from e-health when they have undergone some training about remote monitoring. The constant increase in population makes the age group very vital.

Cryptocurrency: blockchain and smart-contracts

Middlemen, bureaucracy, and cost are three factors that flood the healthcare system. This is the time to root out these disruptions. The birth of cryptocurrency has given rise to other tools that reduce waste and inefficiency in this ecosystem. However, value-based care is impossible to achieve due to mistrust and miscommunication among stakeholders. Again, overpayments and underpayments have become a cause for concern since many health payers always end up with more claims to pay for. Additionally, smart-contracts ease the adjudication of the healthcare process seamless.

Artificial intelligence: a solution to human problems 

The potentials of AI are unimaginable and limitless. By projection, every area of our life, including healthcare, is prone to revolution. Not only will the healthcare industry bask in the integration of AI, but the industry will undergo a progressive change. Leaders around the world believe the world is experiencing a Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is due to the diverse technologies that abound in the world – physical, digital, and biological. These technologies have sufficiently impacted all disciplines and industries. In fact, the emergence of machines now challenges the existence of man.

Certainly, healthcare will be at the center of this revolution. AI promises to be one of the major catalysts for such change.

In conclusion, e-health brims with provocative concepts. Besides, the rapid change in trends means there will be more tools in the future. Thus, technology and medicine will merge into a name that stands for quality health in the future.

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