Don't Fear AI! It's More Positive Than Negative in Our Lives

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Don't Fear AI! It's More Positive Than Negative in Our Lives

In the 21st century, technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Things are just one click away from us.  Now, one more thing has been added to the technology, i.e. Artificial Intelligence. It helps us in different ways. It is guiding us to complete our tasks daily.

Artificial Intelligence assists us in shopping, driving cars, and also searching things on google. AI is not terrible, as shown in science books or movies. When we talk about AI, we generally think of Robots. Robots are machines that perform tasks given to them.

AI is something like a human brain that can think and act accordingly. It simulates human behavior and critical thinking. To take advantage of this emerging technology, one needs to get in touch with an AI development company.

Artificial Intelligence has brought several changes to the world. It has made its presence felt in various fields like the health care sector, finance sector, education sector, and gaming sector. 

Let us discuss in detail how AI is influencing various sectors:

1. AI in Banking and Finance

If we use AI Cognitive Automation, we can make bank loan paperwork done quickly without mistakes. In a loan, there are many requirements like verifying the documents, checking the eligibility of customers, etc.

With the use of AI, it will take less time to proceed the things effectively. It will save time for both the customer and the bank owner.

2. AI in the Health Care Sector

AI is transforming the healthcare sector. It is helping doctors to diagnose a disease so that patients can get proper treatments. AI also assists in the operation theatre along with helping to maintain the record of patients.

John Hopkins reported that more than 200,000 people died due to medical errors. AI is helping here.

3. AI in the Education Sector

AI is driving education to a new level. According to a report, AI has grown up to 47.5% in U.S. Education (Research and Markets). It can assist the grading system part of schools and colleges. Teachers consider grading systems to be a tedious task. 

AI has nothing to do with the boredom of things. Because it is not human, so, AI can perform this tedious work efficiently. The role of AI does not finish in the classroom. A student can learn through an online tutor app. He can ask questions and solve them.

4. AI in Virtual Reality 

It helps gamers to play virtual reality games. You can hire VR developers who can develop software through which one can play with bots so that one does not need to look for another person to play with. In such a way, AI has left a long-lasting impact on VR.

5. AI in Customer Service

You must have used chatbots (digital customer service support). AI Chatbots comprehend human conversations and reply to them accordingly. 

By using chatbots, most organizations can deliver effective communication with their customers. So, It can easily play the role of a digital assistant.

Now, let us throw some light on the various roles of AI in social media, online shopping, and business efficiency.

1. Role of AI in Social Media

AI plays a vital role in shaping the future of social media. Due to the advancement of technology, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are flourishing. These have taken social media to a new height.

# With the help of AI, Facebook fetches the data of users and shows them things accordingly. It interprets their preferences and puts the stuff before them of their choices like posts, suggested groups, and people.

# On average, up to 300k, people update their status in a minute. It is AI that makes it possible.

Similarly, it works for Twitter and Instagram. Experts suggest that the social media market will grow up to $2.1 billion in 2023 and it is possible only because of AI. 

2. Role of AI in Online Shopping

The e-commerce industry uses AI techniques to enhance the productivity and revenue generation of the products. It is used to figure out the interest of customers who like online shopping. 

It gathers the information about choices and interests, then shows the items and contents accordingly.

3. Role of AI in Business Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence improves the efficacy of business by performing mundane tasks at a fast speed. A man can get bored doing similar jobs again and again, but a machine can not. Hence, the importance of AI increases here a lot. 

Types of Artificial Intelligence

AI was made to replicate human behavior and activities. It is primarily put into two categories. One is Weak AI and the second one is Strong AI. 

Let us discuss Weak AI-first.

1. Weak AI

It is also known as Narrow AI. It is because it can not perform tasks other than what it is intended to. We can understand it by a simple example. When we play ludo on mobile against the bot, it gives you the sense to play consciously.

Lest you defeat, you play your part carefully. It is doing so because it is programmed such. It is not playing according to itself. That is why it is called Weak or Narrow AI. 

2. Strong AI

Strong AI is considered to be one that can think, respond and comprehend like a human. We are still a work-in-progress here in developing AI that can perform the things as humans do. 

Summing Up

We know that AI is the buzzword of the 21st century and we hope for a long successful AI journey. It has impacted almost all the fields like health, business, or education. It is continuously developing and progressing to attain a new goal. The final goal of AI is to perform things based on human cognitive thinking.

We have seen Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and self-driving cars. These all are part of AI. AI technology has helped Amazon and Apple distinguish them from their counterparts in the business world. If you are also looking to take your business to a new height, hire AI developer in India from a well-renowned software development company.

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