Do’s and Don’ts of LED Light Up Shoes

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Do’s and Don’ts  of LED Light Up Shoes
In the 90s, light shoes were a great choice for the kids. They used to light up with each step. The kids used to love to wear and show off the shoes. Earlier, they were available only for kids. However, today you can find light-up shoes for adults as well. They have become a great fashion trend for people of different age groups.

No matter whether you are a sports fan or a dancer, the Led shoes would be a great choice for you. In order to have a great experience with these, it is crucial to consider certain dos and don’ts such as

Charge the Shoes: You would not experience the joy of wearing LED shoes in case they do not illuminate. Therefore, ensure you charge your shoes before you head out. As per manufacturers, charging the shoes for 3 hours would make them last for nearly 6 to 9 hours. It is advised to switch off the shoes to charge them fast and save time.
Wear Shoes at Right Place: The boys light up shoes are great; however, you cannot wear them everywhere. Certain places where you could wear LED shoes include a sports arena, dance competition, party, and concert. However, to avoid weird looks ensure you avoid wearing those shoes in a wedding, corporate event, and while going through the airport security.

Don’t Put Shoes in the Washing Machine: It is worth noting that putting shoes in a washing machine exposes them to water as well as tends to damage the shoe’s exterior. Consider using a damp cloth, warm water, and mild soap to clean the shoes.  
Don’t Leave Shoes in Hot Cars: Exposing the shoes to water could cause damage to the wiring system. Therefore, it is advised to avoid walking in light shoes in rain. Same way, heat could also affect the batteries of shoes and put them at risk of exploding. Avoid leaving LED shoes for kids in hot cars, near fireplaces, ovens, etc.

Along with these, ensure you switch things up. Mostly, the LED shoes with 7 color-changing choices. To give a new look to the shoes and make them interesting ensure you play around with colours. The best way to do so is to change the colours according to your outfit or your mood.

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