Districts of Pittsburgh: Where to Go and What to See?

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Districts of Pittsburgh: Where to Go and What to See?

Are you looking for a quiet and interesting place for your vacation? It would be a great idea to visit Pittsburgh. Another perfect idea would be to pick up Avis rental car Pittsburgh Airport to easily get between the most amazing sights in the city. 

Pittsburgh is not as famous as New York, Boston, or Los Angeles. Moreover, not even all Americans know exactly where it’s and what it’s known for. However, this is a great place to spend a weekend or even an entire vacation. 

There are so many amazing attractions to find in Pittsburgh that it can be difficult for you to decide where to go. The city is divided into several districts, and each of them has something special. Let's take a closer look at them and pick the best Pittsburgh places to visit on your car rental trip.

Central Business District


Also known as the Golden Triangle, the Central Business District is the very first place you should go in Pittsburgh. If traveling in your rental car, you can easily visit its most important sights. Huge modern skyscrapers and old restored buildings harmoniously coexist on its territory, making Pittsburgh even more attractive for travelers. Here you will see nine over 150-meters-high skyscrapers, and the tallest of them reaches even 256 meters in height. A wide variety of bridges complement the surrounding beauty. 

Together with the rivers, the center itself draws the figure of an arrow, with a huge park at the end. This is the site of the former location of Fort Pitt, after which the city got its name. Now, it’s a venue for fairs and public celebrations. 

Central Business District is also home to the University of Pittsburgh - the most famous educational institution in the city and throughout the country. Along the Allegheny River, there’s the Strip District. It’s shaped like a narrow strip and is considered to be the main economic center of Pittsburgh. 

Many years ago industrial facilities, warehouses, etc. were located there. However, now the bright windows of shops, restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs have replaced all these gray buildings. 


Pittsburgh North Side

The North Side consists mainly of residential areas and is notable for interesting architectural solutions. Many buildings date back to the 19th century, built of brick or stone, and decorated with woodwork, ceramic tiles, slate roofs, and stained glass windows. Here you can visit such sights as:

Carnegie Science Center

This is a private university and research center known for its advances in information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Scientific interactive exhibitions held there will be interesting to children as well. 

National Aviary 

It’s considered to be the largest aviary in the world. It has sheltered over 600 birds representing 200 species, including the penguin, and Pittsburgh's mascot. Some inhabitants are extremely rare: black-green trogon, red-headed corpse, and blue-winged mountain tanager are among them.

Other attractions that you can find in your rental car are the Mattress Factory Museum, Allegheny Observatory, as well as Heinz Field, and PNC Park sports complexes.


Pittsburgh South Side


Visiting the Southern Side is the most interesting part of your trip, especially if you explore it in a rental car. Station Square is the greatest historical place located there. Until today, the square has been preserved in its original form and is an interesting place not only for its historical past but also for its current sights. On the territory of the station, you’ll find all kinds of entertainment squares, bars, cafes, and restaurants. Also, it’s a venue for festivals, fairs, and all sorts of celebrations. 

An amazingly beautiful pier is located in the same part. Since Pittsburgh is a port city, during the warmer months everyone can enjoy river cruises that show the city from the other side, and this side is especially beautiful and impressive. 

The South Side is a hilly area with great views of the city. Southside Flats and Mount Washington are the best points for this. An unforgettable view of Downtown opens up after a rather short climb up the hill on the oldest funicular in America, which is still in use today.




Oakland is considered to be a cultural and academic center, full of museums, educational institutions, medical organizations, and businesses. The main sights of the area are: 

Cathedral of Learning. The neo-Gothic building with a height of 163 meters is the hallmark of the famous University of Pittsburgh and attracts travelers with its unique architecture. 

Heinz Memorial Chapel. The chapel is located on the territory of the cathedral. It was built in the French-Gothic style and is decorated with 23 stained glass windows. 

Carnegie Museum of Art. The museum is among the most famous art museums in the USA. It displays famous works of American and European artists, and will be a great spot to spend several hours. 

Pittsburgh Zoo. A huge zoo with about 4,000 animals and a huge aquarium on the territory.


We can endlessly list the merits of Pittsburgh, but it’s impossible to convey all the beauty of this colorful and multifaceted city. It is amazing with its diversity. There’s everything you need for a wonderful vacation: old streets and buildings, huge skyscrapers, and beautiful landscapes. So, rent a car to see its most amazing sights and not miss something important!


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