Digital Transformation Services: Helping Businesses Harness Technological Solutions for an Improved level of Growth

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Digital Transformation Services: Helping Businesses Harness Technological Solutions for an Improved level of Growth
Consulting and advisory firm Grant Thornton acknowledges digital transformation as a primary tool to achieve success in today’s ever-evolving business environment. There are several reasons why a business may need to embrace the digital – the obvious reason being “survival of the fittest.” Keeping this in mind, the company has expanded its offerings to support clients in leveraging lucrative growth opportunities through digital orientation.

Digital technologies have taken the world on a swirl. Amid this scenario, organisations have no choice but to adopt digital transformation services to improve their value proposition and business model. Incorporating ‘digital’ into the core strategy will help create a partnered ecosystem and improved business models. As such, Grant Thornton takes an inside-out approach to devise a digital strategy that aligns with their client’s business vision and goals.

As an integral step towards digital transformation, the advisory firm provides services in the following fields:
  • Cloud strategy and implementation: Grant Thornton assesses whether or not an organisation is ready for cloud transformation, extending dedicated services for cloud lifecycle management, business and cloud strategy alignment, cloud security and compliance, migration to the cloud, and governance framework.
  • Robotic process automation: This is an important aspect of digital transformation where organisations can automate and streamline business processes through robotics. This aids in improved efficiency and productivity through greater accuracy, scalability, regulatory compliance, flexibility, and cost savings. Grant Thornton provides proven tactics for businesses to help address challenges in implementing RPA into business processes.
  • Blockchain: The decentralised, digital ledger helps maintain a record of every transaction that occurs across a peer-to-peer network. It allows securely storing a growing list of records between varied interconnected systems. The best thing about this technology is the network has no vulnerability points which  makes it much more resilient.
  • Grant Thornton assists clients in designing their blockchain strategy, which encompasses diagnosing the current processes, and providing expert advice on whether you should have your own blockchain network or join an existing one.
Digital transformation service seamlessly integrates with Grant Thornton’s current service lines that include audit, advisory, and tax. Providing dedicated solutions, the firm aims at empowering organisations with digital technologies.

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