Different People Associated With The Game Development

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Game development has a lot of aspects that people are not familiar with. There are a lot of people involved in developing a game than just a game developer. 

Here is a look at people involved in developing a game at Hashbyte Studio.  


The Programmer

The programmer is the backbone of game development. He/She makes the last-minute changes by taking unrealistic expectations the producer demands. Hence programmers are also called the kind of game development.  


The Artist 

The artist brings the vision to life by creating such a visual representation of the game world. When we work for artistic games, the artist has a  role in game development.  


The Musician

The soundtrack has a significant role in a game. The musician develops different jingles, soundtracks, and background music. 


The Designer

Designers come up with great storylines, levels, likable characters and help programmers with the design. Although, designers are rare. At our iPad game development company, we have the most creative people working as a designer. 


Play Tester

Playtester runs to ensure the smooth playability of the game. Its job is not much different than a beta tester as it checks the bugs and other problems in the game.


The Publisher

It is regarded as the best job amongst all as they have that pretty sweet gig. 


The Producer

As the name suggests, they are the ones who produce the game and keeps check on the overall development of the game. They help in generating or acquiring resources for the artists and programmers. 

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