Determining The Best Child Custody Arrangements

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Determining The Best Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody arrangements can be made before or after a divorce. The agreement specifies how much time a child spends with each parent. The final settlement will be determined either by mediation between the parties or by a judge if the case goes to court. The ideal arrangement would provide the best possible quality of life for a child caught between two parents.

There are several considerations involved in finding the ultimate custody arrangement. Children are frequently given a say in the matter. Their feelings are taken into consideration. However, the amount these feelings influence the final agreement will depend on the age of the child. The desires of each parent will also be considered.

Differences in the "ideal situation" are typically the major point of contention in child custody battles and, therefore, the most likely reason these battles end up in court. Attorneys and judges will also examine any past abuse or criminal history that has been reported. The presence of these records will heavily influence the division of time and possibly require supervision during visitations.

Living situations, such as the neighborhood, residence, and school districts of each parent, will factor into the final arrangement. Observation may be required to properly determine whether the environments of each parent are suitable for a child.

The courts and parents want what is best for the children involved in their parent's divorce. Often, the courts will try to have both parents involved in their upbringing. Sometimes they require an equal division of time, and other times only visitation rights are given to one parent. The final agreement determined will be legally binding.

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