Defi goes crazy!!! SHIB / FEG / HOGE / SHINU / TRDG - Erc20 & Bsc Tokens

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Defi goes crazy!!! SHIB / FEG / HOGE / SHINU / TRDG - Erc20 & Bsc Tokens
Tokens with huge supply, deflationary/elastic supply, frictionless rewards, 50% supply donations to Vitalik Buterin or black hole addresses - all of these types of features have fast become all the rage in the world of Cryptocurrencies.

Frictionless rewards. Instead of using staking and liquidity pools to earn, you can now simply hold. Each time anyone makes a transaction, a % of the transaction fee is shared amongst the people who already own it. No action is required, these returns will auto-update in your wallet. Pretty cool. Usually though, it's worth noting that this mechanism does often demand higher transaction fees (gas) when trades are made. 

Huge supply. Akin to Doge and other like minded tokens, large supply often results in niche characteristics. For eg no token with a 900trillion supply would ever end up being worth $50000 a coin, because that valuation would mean there isn't enough money in the world to buy it all. So there's no point with the "when $1 when $1" lol. The higher the supply, the lower the price (usually) and the lower the cap of what it might ever be worth (usually).

Deflationary supply. Often these new gimmicky doge-like meme tokens will burn supply in some way or other, which (similar to other tokens) makes the huge supply less daunting. But some new tokens also add on top of the familiar burn mechanics via the use of elastic supply in order to auto self-burn. Each time anyone makes a transaction, a % of the transaction fee is burnt from the remaining supply. This means that over time less is available for others to own, it becomes more scarce, and for people that already hold it the % of supply that they own INCREASES as available supply decreases. This mechanism also often demands higher transaction fees (gas) when trades are made. 

Now imagine tokens with different mish-mashes and tweaks to any (or all) of the above features, all popping up on Etheruem and Binance Smart Chain (sometimes both) and all at once!

It's maaaaad. Welcome to the era of...


... to name but a few.

All of these coins have done some crazy things price-wise. There are loads of others too, these are just the ones I myself have traded in.

I bought 0.1eth of Shinu as a punt. It dumped, barely traded for weeks, and then went mad out of nowhere. Liquidity was tiny but I sold 25% of my Shinu for 5x my cost, and I still hold 75% in case there's more to come! SHINU price chart. 

Shib did 10000x. I got in late (gutted) but still early enough to get a 4x out of it. SHIB price chart. 

I bought FEG on ETH and got a 6x out of it, but I could have got a 20x out of it. Gutted. I bought FEG on BSC and got 4x on it, but I could have got 10x on it. Gutted lol. Feg Eth price chart. Feg Bsc price chart. 

I bought some HOGE for about £60 and sold it for £90 - when I checked my tx history the amount I'd traded was worth £4k. GUTTED!!! Lol. HOGE price chart. 

I got into TRDG late, but still got 20%. TRDG price chart. 

I'm not great at holding LOL but I took profit - and you can see that there's been huge profit to take from all of these projects at some point. I'd imagine in some (but not all) cases, there might well be more to come! And once some of these tokens are through with supply burning, and the supply is completely depleted , who knows what they might trade for in years to come! 

This is not investment advice. Do your own research. Trade safely!

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Thanks for reading. 

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