Custom Wholesale Candle Shipping Boxes

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Custom Wholesale Candle Shipping Boxes

Candles and fragrant candles are used for marriages, parties, and home decoration. A custom candle box with color pressure that is exclusively built will make your candle brand more competitive on the retail market and add value to your collections of candlcandes. Candles used by people to give their friends also help to make your gifts more appealing and unique with a luxurious candle box.

IMColorPrint is a Chinese seasoned supplier of candle boxes. Every month, we manufacture large quantities of high-quality candle packaging, both domestically and abroad. Our collection of candle boxes offers various different choices, including candlesticks, rigid candle boxes, votive candle boxes, kraft candle boxes with windows, white candle boxes, boxes for candles, 2 piece boxes for candles, circular boxes for the candles, and so forth.


Your own box can be crafted with a specially printed logo. Thanks to our exclusive production line strength in personalized printed carton boxes and corrugated boxes you can save up to 40 percent on orders from us. We give you professional advice and packaging solutions for package design, content and stock selection, logo position, card-style thickness, and manufacturing choices, as well. You can also save your time by working with us. During the entire ordering process, we will direct you.

Best custom boxes for candles

In order to begin with, we at Royal Custom Packaging allow you to completely customize your custom candle boxes. This freedom helps you to create the perfect box of candles you would like. Our easy options include scale, shape, color scheme, font, and printing. Any mix of customization choices gives you the versatility to make the ideal packaging and to make your stylish candle boxes exceptional. Wouldn't a pyramid-shaped box automatically catch your attention on the shelf? Or a particular color scheme that is exclusive to your brand? We provide you with a variety of colored candle boxes. Even the right pictures will make a huge difference in your boxes. Keeping in mind the various uses of candles, it is important to print the right thing. The packaging of birthday candles is different from the packaging of candles for religious ceremonies.

Advanced adaptation for your custom candle boxes without restriction

If you do not have the easy choices, you can always dig further into our customization options. Our advanced customization options include coating, material, and structural modifications as well as add-ons. Have you ever seen a product that looks unfinished? It was probably lacking coating. This move gives your custom candle boxes a finished polished look. Glass, matt, and spot UV are our coating choices. Another way to differentiate the product is by modifying the candle packaging structure and content. Let's say you want your product to be shown without taking it off the packaging? You can build a window in your packaging of the candle package! Structural adjustments will enable you to stand out in such a big market. You may also use embossing, elevated paint, gold/silver, and PVC to create structural improvements. In addition, material changes can also affect perception. Our content choices include environmentally friendly kraft, flute onset, card inventory, and bux board. The use of add-ons is our final customization choice. This can make the product more esthetic or add a new element to the individually printed candle boxes. We may add our bows, laces, ribbons, and handles.


The experience of unpacking the product is part of the packaging. The customer also appreciates the experience of opening new individual candle boxes wholesale. This experience must be retained by producers or even enhanced as a way of staying exclusive. This method has now become an advertising medium with the emergence of social media. If customers receive fascinating candle packaging, customers share the packaging or opening process on their social media. This makes free exposure from a customer who has already bought your products. Our world is evolving and custom candle packaging has to keep up with times, as with other industries.

Cost-effective process

Wholesale candle boxes can seem like a costly operation. The reality is that it depends on how broad and what you want in your foundation boxes. However, in order to ensure the prices do not go beyond a fair amount, we introduce some policies to provide you with cheap candle boxes. Second, for the wholesale of candle packaging no dye or plate charges are applied. You can pick as many customization choices as you want for your candle boxes without thinking about prices. Secondly, we provide free shipping wherever possible. Thirdly and finally, 6-8 business days are our turnaround time. However, you can put a rush order for a small fee before those days and obtain your order.

Customer Services

We understand the importance of open communication between us as a company that mainly provides services to other companies. We offer a 24/7 customer support hotline here at Royal Custom Packaging to ensure that you always get to us. This helps you to know exactly what is going on at what time with your personalized candle boxes. In addition, this enables you to address your design needs with our graphics and design team. In addition, if needed, we give all clients a 2D and 3D prototype, so that you know how the candle boxes look.

Royal Custom Packaging Go-Green

Our world is evolving, as we said earlier. But it's not always healthy. Global warming and deterioration of the atmosphere have caused society as a whole a variety of problems. To do our bit, we wanted to make sure that all our custom candle boxes can be;

The only thing we do is not custom candle boxes. We make a wide range of different personalized retail boxes here at Royal Custom Packaging. Go here to try them out!


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