Culture in Venezuela

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Eshley Durst
Culture in Venezuela

Culture in Venezuela

The culture of Venezuela is extremely rich and diverse. It was formed under the impact of immigrants from Europe and Africa. The Spaniards were the ones whose influence was the greatest. However, customs of the local Indians have also survived. Despite this fact, Catholicism came to replace these cultures. Therefore, nowadays, the culture of Venezuela is mainly based on the traditions of Catholicism.

The state pays particular attention to folk art including crafts, rituals, dancing, and singing, as well as the conservation of Catholic traditions. Many people are engaged in dancing. In the country, there is a traditional local folk dance called Joropo. It includes 36 variants of major steps. Besides, a great number of people play different folk instruments and act in the theater. Thus, native people spend their free time in a very diverse way. Besides, Venezuelans always spend Sundays in the church.

It is a Catholic state and, thus, many local customs are established in compliance with Catholic norms of conduct. The church is considered to be the center of spiritual, cultural, and political life. In rural regions, ancient tribal beliefs are highly popular. Moreover, the system of values in these areas is rather different from the traditional dogma. Nevertheless, people of Venezuela are tolerant of racial and cultural diversities. In addition, mixed marriages are not forbidden, but even highly widespread. This fact has resulted in the formation of a distinctive multicultural country.

The culture of Venezuela has an African and Spanish origin that is greatly felt these days. However, the role of the indigenous people in the formation of national culture is rather inessential. The country is well known for its street theater, folk instruments, and dances. Besides, the Venezuelan culture is greatly dependent on Catholic traditions, and the church usually occupies a central place in the country.

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