Cosplays And Video Games: How The Gamers Have Kept Some Games Alive!

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Cosplays And Video Games: How The Gamers Have Kept Some Games Alive!

The Biggest Convention: Each Year!
Firstly started as just a Japanese cultural thing in 1908, now just a few decades later, this convention is one of the most participated conventions by all the individuals who love Anime/Manga, Sci-Fi movies, comics, and even cartoons. Since the cosplay culture went airborne, there are many dedicated places where all the cosplayers gather under one roof, talk about stuff, hang out and appreciate the costumes worn by the people around. 

Cosplayers And Their Costumes!
The competition of wearing the best costume in the event is one of the main goals among all the fellow cosplayers, which makes this event worth visiting at least once if you ever liked the costume design of any featuring character. Let's talk about the gaming community and can't miss any of the conventions, and the game's characters you definitely find is the gaming-based cosplay despite the country that is being held in. 

In movies, Comics, Games, Animation, and Web series, there is no entertainment platform that DC hasn't released a title under this character. Batman: Arkham, the game series, is the most praised and respected one in the bunch. There are quite a few options that cosplayers go through in the series alone, but the interesting part is that some cosplayers made their own version of the costumes. The Arkham Knight Jacket is by far the best one as it's not something that only an extreme cosplayer can wear, which takes it to the top of the list.

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption is a title that isn't unknown to any joystick (or PC players, in the case of RDR 2). The awesome screenplay of the game has gained its enormous fame to the franchise as the second installment was released two years back. Since then, the Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption Jacket is the attire of cosplayers of the gaming community. The quality of the graphics this franchise has offered to the gamers is just astounding! 

Apex Legends!
Apex Legend is truly a game of adventure, tactics, teamwork, and skills from the world of battle royal. Apex Legends wasn't released that long ago but already has many gamers to its side, which makes it a part of this list. The fusion of robots and old fashion battle royale screenplay is praised a lot by the players, and there's always been a great bond between robots and gamers cosplayers. Apex Legends Crypto Jacket is the most prominent one at every cosplay convention among all the character's costumes.

Cyberpunk 2077!
The newest game on the list, Cyberpunk 2077, will be the game of the decade as there is nothing like Night City. The bikes, cars, buildings, humans, robots, there is absolutely nothing that the gamers have to criticize (well, they did in the beginning as there were many things broken, but besides that, there was nothing else they complained about). The famous Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket from its front page is the one piece of costume that got the most hype in the cosplayers. 

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