Coronavirus: Queen of the United Kingdom for the first time since the lockdown

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Coronavirus: Queen of the United Kingdom for the first time since the lockdown
This is the first time the Queen has appeared in the UK since the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.

In her latest photo, she is sitting on a horse. The 94-year-old queen was riding a 14-year-old horse on a balmoral fern. Windsor is said to be one of the queen\\\'s favorite royal residences. She rides daily in Windsor Field.

The Queen is staying here with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who is 98 years old and some of the staff. Two pet dogs, named Candy and Vulcan, could be seen sitting next to them.

The day before her scheduled departure, the Queen was due to assume her official duties, but then she arranged a weekly live telephone meeting with the Prime Minister and the audience. Love

The Queen, wearing a brightly colored scarf, is wearing a jacket and white gloves. A new photo of the Queen was taken by the Press Association over the weekend during horseback riding.

The press secretary of the US vice president could not be safe either. President Trump is already being tested on a daily basis. The number of affected people worldwide has exceeded 4 million.
The personal assistant to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Trump, has also tested positive for COD-19, bringing the number of people infected with the coronavirus to three in the White House staff members. According to Mike Pence\\\'s press secretary Katie Miller, Corona\\\'s report came positive on Friday.

The president has confirmed that Mike Pence\\\'s press secretary was infected with the corona, but said he was not worried about the spread of corona in the White House. White House officials say they are taking security measures to keep the complex safe.

According to media reports, Mike Pence\\\'s press secretary Katie Miller was in contact with the vice president but did not meet with President Trump. Katie Miller is the wife of Stephen Miller, a key adviser to President Trump. The White House has not provided any information about Stephen Miller\\\'s corona test and his work in the White House since the corona test. Check more Crona news here

According to media reports, Katie Miller tested negative for Corona on Thursday, which turned out to be positive the following Friday. The basic concept of action is not very good. According to media reports, a day before the Corona test of the US Vice President\\\'s Press Secretary came positive, the White House had confirmed Corona in a military official working with President Trump.

It should be noted that the US President, contrary to his intelligence agency, is calling Corona a virus developed in Chinese laboratories and a conspiracy against the US President, which China has strongly denied. It has been developed in a laboratory but is now being tested for corona on a daily basis.

Political and defense experts say that the involvement of people in key positions in the White House in corona could be a US ploy, which could lead to an American plot. The aim may be to strengthen the president\\\'s anti-China rhetoric. The Coronavirus is still rampant, with the United States, France, Italy, and other Western countries being the hardest hit, while the number of people infected with the coronavirus.

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