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Chef is a DevOps based platform that uses a pure-Ruby, domain-specific language (DSL) for writing system configuration recipes. Chef Configuration Management Software allows different organizations to deploy configuration automation via built-in integrated validation subsets. Chef is used to contour the task of configuring and maintaining a company’s servers and manage business processes effectively without any downtime or interruptions. Chef Configuration platform can integrate with almost every physical, virtual and cloud-based platforms such as Internap, Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, OpenStack, SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace to automatically provision and configure new machines.

Chef Features

Chef Recipes – Chef user can write recipes to describe how Chef manages server applications and utilities and how they are to be configured. These recipes shows a series of resources that should be installed or should be running or files that should be written.

Powerful Integration – Chef Configuration software can be easily integrated with the best cloud platforms. Chef can merge all the functionalities of the business and offer improved control by integrating them with specific tools to derive the best results.

Chef Security – Chef Configuration software is secure and offers a centralized authentication build and resource reporting. Chef has an impeccable patch management services and supports for the functionalities of compliance auditing.

Enterprise Automation – Chef offers an efficient software distributions in mission-critical environments. It provides a quick and easier way to get all the content updates for the Enterprise Automation toolkit. Chef provides round the clock assistance, warranties and assurance rights to keep your business in the right direction.

Chef Pricing – Chef Configuration Management Software pricing varies based on the number of virtual systems, a number of target processes, and automation criteria. Chef represents two types of models – Effortless Infrastructure suite and Enterprise Automation Stack package.

Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite contains –

Essentials (includes infrastructure and compliance automation with standard support for smaller deployments) is valued at $ 16,500/year for 100 nodes and 100 targets.

Enterprise (includes enterprise-grade infrastructure and compliance automation with premium support for any sized estate) is priced at $ 75,000/year for 500 nodes and 500 targets

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack contains –

Essentials (includes integrated infrastructure, compliance, and application delivery automation for smaller deployments) is valued at $ 35,000/year for 100 nodes and 100 targets

Enterprise (includes Integrated infrastructure, compliance, and application delivery automation for the enterprise) is charged at $ 150,000/year for 500 nodes and 500 targets

Configuration Management Software

Configuration management software is the task of tracking and controlling changes in the software applications and their infrastructure to ensure that configurations are in a trusted state. Configuration management practices include tracking, conducting changes and revision control made to applications during the development process. It cover changes typically made by a system administrator or a development team. Best Configuration management software maintains an accurate historical record of system state which is useful for project management, auditing, and debugging. The software can integrate with version control systems, software testing products, bug tracking tools, and other software development tools.

Other vendors of Configuration Management Software are as below –



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