Choosing a solitaire for your diamond ring

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Choosing a solitaire for your diamond ring

Everything you need to know about a solitaire

The first thing when you hear about the diamond rings is the first time you heard about solitaires. People often go for solitaires when they have to buy a diamond engagement ring. But you can find solitaires in diamond necklaces, pendants, and other pieces of jewelry as well. But when you wear it in your ring you can’t stop people from calling it a ‘gorgeous ring’.


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Solitaires have been in this world for so long. Even if we are living in the world of ever-changing jewelry trends, solitaires may have changed their setting but it has always been the most sought-after piece of jewelry. Solitaires are the epitome of brilliance coupled with beauty. Adding solitaire to any jewelry will get you that effect. It can shine with timeless elegance.

When it comes to choosing a solitaire, you will find that it is not as easy as wearing the ring on your finger. If you are not careful you can end up getting a fake one. So, if you are planning on buying a diamond solitaire whether, from a retailer or an online store, you may want to pay attention to a few things. Let’s talk about those so that, you can get some help while choosing a solitaire.


What’s Solitaire?

How do you know that you are looking at a solitaire? What makes it so special and how does it differ from other gemstones. To state it plainly, it is a single piece of diamond. You can often see people referring to solitaire as an ornament without any side stones but only a single diamond. When used in an ornament, the piece looks like a solitary stone within the design.

People use it popularly for engagement rings and in wedding bands. Don’t feel sorry if you have already got a wedding band without one. You will be delighted to know that solitaires are not just limited to rings but can be used in other jewelry also.

Like for instance, pendants, necklaces, tiaras, and other such jewelry can make use of this big beautiful stone. solitaire diamond pendants in which you can find just a single diamond hanging down the chain makes one of the most popular options. You can also go for a solitaire earring set. One diamond per earring makes it look like a piece of elegance. Choose the stone carefully as a bad stone can spoil the beauty of the complete jewelry set. Here are a few tips to help you out.


How to select a good solitaire?

Diamond solitaires define the proverb ‘less is more in the most beautiful way. They are not just sparkling beauties but also elegant and classy. One stone can add radiance to your overall look. You must focus not only on its features but also the quality when buying a solitaire. There are four levels on which the quality of the stone is assessed. They are:



It’s the cut that packs the punch to a solitaire. The cut is one of the significant factors that determine the quality of the stone. It decides the reflective quality of the diamond making it sparkle. Some of the famous cuts are oval, round, marquise, trillion, cushion, emerald, princess, and many more. The round cut is an expensive one as it provides too much brilliance to the stone.



Diamonds are usually colorless but they also come in many hues. It can go to have a light yellow or even brown. It is rare to find colorless diamonds and the most desirable ones also. It is for this reason that they are so much in demand and so expensive. So, the more colorless your solitaire is the greater will be its value. So, when you go on to buy solitaires a colorless or a nearly colorless piece which is of high quality.



Natural diamonds are famous for their natural imperfections. The inclusions or the internal imperfections and the blemishes or the external imperfections make them beautiful. It's these imperfections that make your diamond look beautiful. These may not be visible to the naked eye but matter a lot.


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Carat weight

The carat of the diamond refers to the weight of the solitaire. It is measured in metric carats. One carat is equivalent to approx. 0.5g. This is again divided into 100 points. Even though the carat doesn’t have any impact on the look of the diamonds but they sure determine the price greatly. Two stones of the same carat value can also differ in the value due to their difference in clarity, color, and cut. It is best to consider the other 3 Cs first before looking at the carat size.

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