Child Custody Issues For Unmarried Parents

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Child Custody Issues For Unmarried Parents

Child custody cases can get very complicated even when the parents have been married. If the parents were never married, things could get even more difficult. Who gets custody? What are the visitation rights, and what about child support? Some of the child custody issues that unmarried parents are often faced with
when going through a child custody case.

Unmarried Father's Child Custody Rights
In most states, the custody of a child or children is usually awarded to the mother if the parents were never in a marriage. Unfortunately, when it comes to visitation, the father has very little that he can do if the mother denies all visitations from him. If this is the case, the father has to go to family court to fight for his legal rights to visit his children. Usually, the court can allow certain visitation rights if paternity has been  established.

Child Support Rights for Unmarried Mothers
For many unmarried mothers, it is often difficult to get any sort of child support from the father. However, a mother does still have the right to get financial support, although it may often require taking the case to family court. For the mother to receive child support, paternity must be established. If the father has never established paternity, the mother can file for a paternity claim, after which there will be a DNA test that will reveal the truth. If the test is positive after that, the child support claim can be filed.

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