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Chandanadi vati

Chandanadi vati or as conversationally named Chandraprabha Gulika or Chandraprabha is an intense mitigating Ayurvedic cure utilized for the therapy of a large number of illnesses of the urinary lot, kidney, pancreas, thyroid organ, bones and joints.

“Chandra” meaning “moon” and “prabha” signifying “sparkle”, Chandraprabha vati carries a shine to your body and advances strength and resistance.

Sarangadhar Samhita, an ayurvedic text unequivocally advocates the utilization of this intense definition for the alleviation of Prameha (for example urinary lot contamination). It likewise incredibly valuable for Ashmari (for example urinary calculi), Vibandha (for example blockage), Shoola (for example stomach colic), Mutrakrichra (for example dysuria), Anaha (for example bulging), Mutraghata (for example urinary hindrance), Pandu (for example pallor), Haleemaka for example (Liver cirrhosis), Antravruddhi (for example Hernia), Arsha (for example hemorrhoids) and a few different afflictions.

Chandraprabha Vati

Planning Of Chandanadi vati


32 pieces of Guggul – Commiphora mukul

32 pieces of Shilajit – Asphaltum

16 pieces of Sharkara – Sugar

1 piece of Karpoor – Cinnamomum camphora

1 piece of Ativisha – Aconitum heterophyllium

1 piece of Haridra – Curcuma longa

1 piece of Vacha – Corus calamu

1 piece of Mustak – Cyprus rotundus

1 piece of Amalaki (Amla) – Emblica officinalis

1 piece of Haritaki – Terminalia bellirica (organic product skin)

1 piece of Bibhitaki – Terminalia chebula (organic product skin)

1 piece of Chavya – Piper chaba

1 piece of Bhunimba – Andrographis paniculata

1 piece of Vidanga – Embelia ribes

1 piece of Devdaru – Cedrus deodara

1 piece of Dhania – Coriander sativum

1 piece of Guduchi (Giloy) – Tinospora cordifolia

1 piece of Chitraka bark – Plumbago zeylanica (lead wort)

1 piece of Shunthi – Zingiber officinalis

1 piece of Darvi – Berberis aristata

1 piece of Maricha – Piper nigrum

1 piece of Pippali – Piper longum

1 piece of Pippali mool – Piper longum (root)

1 piece of Gaja pippali – Piper chaba (organic product)

1 piece of Sarjikshaar – Sodium carbonate

1 piece of Yavkshaar – Potassium carbonate

1 piece of Saindhav Lavan – Rock salt

1 piece of Suvarchal Lavan – Sodium sulfate

1 piece of Vida Lavan – Black salt

1 piece of Swarnamakshika bhashma – Copper pyritis

4 pieces of Trivrit – Operculina turpethum

4 pieces of Danti mool – Baliospermum montanum

4 pieces of Dalchini – Cinnamomum zeylanicum

4 pieces of Tejpatta – Cinnamomum tamala

4 pieces of Ela – Elettaria cardamomum

4 pieces of Vankshalochana – Bambusa arundinacea

8 pieces of Lauha Bhashma – Ferric debris


The home grown fixings are sun-dried, powdered and put away in a different water/air proof vessel.

Sanitization of shilajit and guggulu are finished by the swedana interaction utilizing gomutra and triphala kwath individually.

Triphala decoction is made independently and blended in with the home grown powders and exposed to the bhavana interaction (for example mixture of powder with liquid) for 3-4 hours.

Sarkara (sugar) and the three kinds of lavana (salt) are exposed to the mardana interaction independently to get a fine powder.

The natural powders are blended in with the powdered lavana and sugar as indicated by a particular taste.

The powder is then air-dried at a temperature of 60°C.

The metallic debris of loha is cleaned through swedana measure and is exposed to the mardana cycle.

Filtered shilajit, cleansed iron remains and the natural powders are then blended homogeneously in a blender vessel.

Finally, the limiting specialist gum guggulu is added to hold the powder particles together.

Roll the powder onto your palm or utilize a tablet-production machine in the event of a colossal measure of powder to plan round tablets or vatis.

Remedial Benefits of the Ingredients:

Chandanadi vati remedial advantages


The gum pitch got from the bark concentrate of the mukul tree is amazingly fundamental in the treatment of cardiovascular issues, hypertension, joint inflammation, stoutness and atherosclerosis.


Shilajatu is the thick tacky exudate got from layers of rocks. It has a high mineral substance and is viable for treating kidney stones, phthisis, dysuria, sickliness, epilepsy and so forth


Otherwise called sugar, this fixing bestows a sweet flavor to the natural detailing.


A strong cancer prevention agent, it lessens agony and growing and furthermore lightens hack and cold indications from the body and is gainful for the skin.


It holds high importance in treating a few medical issue like fever, intestinal sickness, bronchitis, asthma, the runs, glycosuria and so forth


Being mitigating in nature, turmeric lessens irritation inside the body. It likewise goes about as a characteristic detoxifier and refines the blood and is useful in treating liver and cholesterol issues.


A strong spice to ease hack, cold and sinus side effects. It treats asthma, clears urinary stones, works on psychological memory and is additionally discovered successful in skin and hair care.


The counter microbial property of Mustak is utilized for treating different bacterial and contagious contaminations. Being an unbelievable spice, it brings down the blood glucose levels, advances absorption and works on liver capacities.


The home grown creation is intense against a few afflictions including stoutness, dental issues, blockage and fever.


An incredible stomach related spice, it advances processing, reduces clogging, bulging, stomach agony and distension.


The decoction of this wizardry spice is amazingly valuable in the treatment of liver issues, jaundice, fever, intestinal sickness and it additionally cleanses the blood and fixes skin illnesses.


The fundamental found in the plant separate holds high importance in treating asthma, fever, pruritis, skin sickness, blockage, joint pain and loss of motion.


Dhania or coriander being high on nutrients is incredibly gainful in advancing processing, managing blood cholesterol levels, improving heart capacities, treating joint inflammation, conjunctivitis and so forth


This spice is unequivocally supported in the treatment of rheumatic problems, gout, joint pain, psoriasis, skin inflammation, jaundice, hepatitis and so forth


Chitrak is viably utilized for boosting digestion. It helps in assimilation, advances weight reduction and furthermore valuable for calming joint agonies.


Shunthi or dried ginger isn’t just well known for its culinary uses yet additionally for dealing with a large group of sicknesses like weight, migraine, chest torment, hack, cool, urinary diseases, tooting, heartburn and so on


The spice fills in as an intense solution for treating hemorrhoids, syphilis, ulcer, butt-centric fistula, menorrhagia, diabetes, looseness of the bowels and so forth


Stacked with enemies of oxidants, maricha or pepper brings down the blood cholesterol levels, oversees diabetes, upgrades gut wellbeing and furthermore mitigates torment and irritation.


Pippali or Indian long pepper is widely utilized for the treatment of acid reflux, indigestion, looseness of the bowels, cholera, asthma and so forth


Among the two sorts of kshaar (carbonates) utilized in this definition, sodium carbonate (Sarjikshaar) goes about as an intense acid neutralizer and treats stomach issues, indigestion and advances processing, while potassium carbonate (Yavkshaar), is utilized as an added substance for buffering the detailing.


Expansion of salts in the plan manages electrolyte unevenness, keeps the body hydrated by meeting the particle needs, forestall muscle squeezes and keeps up with generally vascular wellbeing.

Swarnamakshika bhasma:

Being a creation of copper and iron, the home grown debris is exceptionally helpful for the treatment of jaundice, frailty, sleep deprivation, retching, cerebral pain, queasiness, draining heaps, tingling and so forth


The laxative property of this spice is utilized to forestall and treat obstruction, fart, hemorrhoids, oedema, heartburn and so on

Danti mool:

Danti is a characteristic blood purifier and is utilized to treat oedema, jaundice, asthma, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, stomach tumor and splenomegaly.


The concentrate of the youthful bamboo tree is incredibly valuable in advancing bone, teeth and oral wellbeing. It likewise utilized for treating issues relating to skin, hair and nails.


A powerful spice, Dalchini or cinnamon is utilized for fixing harmed tissues and treating a large group of infirmities including heart issue, diabetes, neural issues, skin contaminations, hack and cold.


The straight leaf is utilized for forestalling and overseeing diabetes, dandruff, joint torment, bubbles, parasitic contaminations and so forth

Advantages and Therapeutic Uses:

Chandanadi vati medical advantages

Eases Urinary Anomalies:

This natural cure is very viable against urinary calculi, urinary lot disease and agonizing pee. It assists with eliminating unsafe AMA (for example poisons) like urea, creatinine and uric corrosive from the body. It advances sound working of the kidney by supporting in the discharge of overabundance uric corrosive and keeping up with the uric corrosive level in the kidneys, in this manner forestalling or treating gout. It is likewise demonstrated gainful persistent kidney infection, kidney stones and cystitis. It is useful in overseeing diabetes and consequently battles regular pee.

Forestalls Glycosuria and Proteinuria:

A peculiarity because of the presence of sugar in the pee, Chandraprabha vati is an intense solution for the therapy of glycosuria and shows stamped brings about diminishing unusual glycemic content in the pee.

It is likewise found very useful in dealing with proteinuria by dealing with the fundamental causes like enthusiastic pressure, fever and along these lines forestalling the discharge of fundamental proteins through pee.

Lifts Fertility And Reproductive Health:

Chandanadi vati is widely utilized in different illnesses identified with the regenerative soundness of the two ladies and men. Being a powerful emmenagogue, it adjusts the chemicals and redresses issues relating to feminine cycle, stomach cramps, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. It is

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