Celebrate Bonfire Night and New Year 2020

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when the sun disappears, cities across England will be filled with bonfires, pyrotechnics and fireworks. Everyone, young and old, men and women, will take to the streets to celebrate the magical night of Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night ('The night of the bonfires'). The curious thing about this tradition is that it is not dedicated to commemorating or celebrating any victory, quite the contrary, it is dedicated to remembering a failure.
It all started in 1605 - those days when there was a very fine line between politics and religion - when a group of Catholics who were not very sympathetic to the Protestant ideas of King James I of England decided to show their anger and resentment by calling "Gunpowder Conspiracy" , whose main intention was to assassinate the King and the rest of the House of Lords.

That is why they planned to place a few barrels of gunpowder in the Parliament warehouse - about 35 - with the idea of blowing up the British Parliament when the King was inside. The date chosen by Catholics to attack the aristocracy was November 5, 1605, the opening night of Parliament. However, even without Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp , someone found out about the plan that this group was hatching and gave the tip. The conspiracy failed with the arrest of the Catholic Guy Fawkes, head of the conspiracy, on November 5, who was caught in the basement of Parliament finalizing the preparations with the barrels of gunpowder - we were caught 'red-handed', pun intended -. Guy Fawkes, along with some of his accomplices, was arrested, tried and executed in a public and brutal way.

The discovery in time of the conspiracy prevented the overthrow of the Protestant dynasty of the Stuarts , personified in James I of England. Hence, on November 5 of each year, all of England celebrated the capture and death of Guy Fawkes and, of course, the salvation of King James I of England. Even in the eastern part of England, until 1859, it was compulsory by decree to celebrate the king's salvation.
By the middle of the 19th century the political-religious character had already been suppressed so that it became a popular festival. Tonight, in all the cities and towns of England, families gather for a dinner during which bangers and mash (sausages and mash), roast potatoes and toffee apples (caramel apples) are served . Then they all go out to the streets where there are a lot of fireworks shows and bonfires are lit in which a doll representing Guy Fawkes is burned. Indeed, the figure of Guy Fawkes resurfaced with intensity from the eighties thanks to the comic series V for VendettaSigned by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, who continues to be successful today. Recently they have also started burning dolls related to any personality hated by the English.
Well, this is the reason why the English celebrate a failure, the failure of the Gunpowder Conspiracy of 1605. I can only encourage you to go out tonight to see how a party with centuries of history can evolve and enjoy it .Celebrate Bonfire Night and New Year 2020 with Big Shotter Fireworks!

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