Cash App Mobile Check Deposit: Read Important Details

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Cash App Mobile Check Deposit: Read Important Details

In this digital time and age, payments through paper checks are decreasing and online payments are on the rise like never before. But, amid the huge increase in internet-based payments, paper checks are still considered an important part of our overall economic system. And this fact is not noticed by many money transfer companies. As a result, many payment apps allow users to deposit a paper check into their wallets. But, the million-dollar question is: Does Cash App has mobile check depositing? If the answer is yes! How to Enable Cash App Mobile Check Deposit Facility?

You may have a lot of questions regarding the Cash App Mobile Check Deposit Facility. No problem, we're happy to answer all your questions. You can contact us and ask as many questions as you want. Otherwise, you can scroll down and clear your basic doubts.


Can I deposit a check on Cash App?

First of all, I would like to clarify the difference between electronic check and paper check deposit on Cash App. Take it seriously that there are two ways to cash a check. One is electronic and the other is manual mode.

As the name suggests, to deposit checks electronically on Cash App, all you need to do is share your Cash App routing number, Cash App bank name, and account number with your employer, the IRS, or any other payment issuer. Is this method of encashment of checks does not take more than 2 days.


On the other hand, the traditional method of depositing checks is the slow and lengthy way. But, with the mobile check deposit facility, you can reduce the check processing time and avoid the need to visit the bank. The mobile check deposit facility prompts users to sign the back of the check and take photographs of both sides of the check. And finally, upload it to your payment app (if your payment has this feature).

Now we come back to our main concern: Can you deposit checks on Cash App? If you want to deposit check electronically using Cash App's routing and bank account number then yes it is possible. But, if your concern is about depositing paper checks on Cash App, then the answer is- No. Here is more explanation about it.

Does Cash App have photo mobile check deposit feature?

Cash App has guidelines about mobile photo check deposit service but does not have this feature. This means, both verified and unverified Cash App users cannot deposit a paper check in their Cash App. However, CashApp users can easily deposit checks electronically using CashApp routing number and bank details and that too without any charge.


How do I enable mobile check deposit on my Cash App?

Cash App Mobile Check Deposit facility is also known as Cash App Direct Deposit. For those who are not aware of the Direct Deposit feature on Cash App, here is a quick introduction to it.


As the name indicates, Cash App is a direct way to get direct deposit payments. Direct deposit is the best option for paper check payments. It is a fast, secure and reliable way to receive your monthly salary, incentive check, tax refund, interest, pension, and regular funds. Most importantly, direct deposit on Cash App is a free feature and easy to set up and use.


If you want to stay stress free about your stimulus and payroll checks, you must enable Cash App direct deposit without any second. These are the steps:

Open your Cash App mobile and choose banking tab.

You can find banking tab on the far left corner of the screen on bottom side.

Now tap Deposit and Transfers and press the copy details tab (routing number and account number).

Share the copied details with your employer, IRS, or any payment check issuer.

Now go one step back and select get direct deposit form. 

Enter details all about your employer or company where you work.

Now do follow the instruction as mention on the Cash App direct deposit.

Once you complete the form, upload it right away.

Keep in Mind: Only those Cash App users who have an activated Cash App card only they can enable direct deposit.


How to deposit a check into Cash App (Stimulus & Payroll checks)?

If you're going to receive stimulus checks from the IRS or any other federal agency, you'll need to make sure the direct deposit feature is already enabled on your Cash app. Then all you have to do is navigate to the IRS portal and share your details. In the case of Paycheck, as I mentioned above, just enabling direct deposit and uploading a form will suffice. There is no additional work you need to do.


Final Say

In short, we can say that the absence of Cash App mobile check deposit facility can be a major turning point for many users. Hopefully, CashApp will soon introduce this feature in its mobile application and simplify the mobile paper check deposit process. Meanwhile, with Cash App Direct Deposit, you can manage most of your paychecks.

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