Can you get a job with just a CCNA certificate?

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Some places like in India, certification alone, you will have hard time finding a job while some places in USA, CCNA candidate may end up earning almost over $80K+

However, most likely you will need to invest in to CCNP or CCIE to get noticed.

Without certification is also possible to succes but you must market yourself rigorously

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Thought you may only hold CCNA certification, you can always gain knowledge in topics/technologies without certs and than make your self subject matter expertise

For example

Assume CCNA is the only certs you got. Great

Now learn Vmware, Routing/Switching, Security or other topic of interest and market your self

More you market your self like blogging, writing on quora, helping others.

To make your self better, teach others which will help you become subject matter expert

By teaching others, it will help you gain confident and help you during interview as your answer will sound different compare to when you are just a newly certified.

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