Camera Sensor Size Explained + Sensor Chart

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Camera Sensor Size Explained + Sensor Chart

Let’s start by dispelling the megapixel myth that many still believe: a higher megapixel count does NOT equal a higher quality image. 

Even the latest iPhone camera can’t compete with a 12MP full-frame DSLR in terms of the clarity and purity of your tones and colors. It has long been determined that the sensor size plays a significant role in determining how much detail your image has, and smaller devices simply can not pack a full-frame sensor. This is a case when size DOES matter


Of course, more and more people are paying attention to the camera sensors’ size, which makes your image better. With the development of smartphones and the new wave of “smartphone photography”, smaller sensors are obviously given a lot of attention…and someday, we may have the best of both worlds: small sensors and excellent performance.

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