Cake Plate and Cake Stand

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Cake Stand and Cake Plate

It seems almost counterintuitive that a freshly baked cake, just like the Citrus Mousse Cake shown here, deserves its very own serving plate, otherwise referred to as a cake stand or cake pedestal. But there is a practical reason why you ought to display your carefully created confection on something beautiful that elicits oohs and aahs once you set it on the table—a unique dish announces that it is time for dessert, and if you invest in something of heirloom quality, it is a piece which will be passed right down to the budding bakers in your family within the future"> at some point in the far-off future.

If you have been placing your cakes on everyday dinnerware or flimsy paper plates, we're here to demonstrate that there is a way better solution available. Consider a colourful glass cake stand with a sweet retro vibe like the 1950s, a classy sustainable style made up of reclaimed wood and galvanized steel, or a cabbage-motif ceramic cake stand from an iconic Portuguese ceramics producer. you'll go all out with a pedestal that's truly suitable for framing, sort of a handmade decoupage stand, handcrafted to order by artisans. And if you'd rather not fuss with wrapping the remains of your cake, then a cake stand that comes with its own cover—say, a shiny cast-aluminum variation with a glass cloche—is just the thing.

Whether whimsical or practical, old-fashioned or sleekly modern, this elevated perch is undoubtedly the right thanks to boast your labor of affection , like an angel food cake, Bundt cake, or most any sort of cake. Still, there is no got to limit yourself. Desserts like pie , carrot cake cupcakes, and even babka certainly need to take the stand. 

2 of 13 Decaled Stoneware Cake Stand
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Decaled Stoneware Cake Stand
Want to form dessert time extra special? escape this elegant, 12-inch stoneware cake stand featuring a stunning blue-and-green motif and gold-finished edges.

3 of 13 Porcelain Cake Stand
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Porcelain Cake Stand
What better pedestal to present our chocolate-flecked cake with lush chocolate frosting than this 14-inch hand-fired porcelain classic with a gently raised rim? It's made in France by Pillivuyt, a venerable tableware producer and is out there in 11 ¾-inch and 14-inch sizes. 

4 of 13 Cake Stand with Cloche Cover
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Cake Stand with Cloche Cover
While nothing can outshine your mouth-watering food , this gorgeous stainless-steel and aluminum cake server comes close, because of its polished, metallic-plated finish in nickel or gold. The finishing touch: a transparent glass cloche to stay your cake fresh.

5 of 13 Pink Glass Cake Stand
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Pink Glass Cake Stand
Our triple-layered strawberry cake wrapped in strawberry-meringue buttercream is irresistible, especially when served on a vintage-inspired, 10-inch glass substitute matching pink from legendary Ohio maker, Mosser Glass. Also available in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes, with and without dome covers, during a wide selection of colours ..

6 of 13 Marble and Walnut Cake Stand
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Marble and Walnut Cake Stand
Take this unique rotating cake represent a spin whenever you slice, or maybe while you frost your cake layers. Constructed with a sturdy walnut base and a finished marble top that keeps your cake cool—it's not only practical but beautiful to behold.

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