Brides Who Rocked Contrasting Lip Colors For Wedding Functions

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Brides Who Rocked Contrasting Lip Colors For Wedding Functions

There’s a lot that goes into perfecting the bridal look for the wedding. There’s outfit, hairstyle, accessories, and most importantly the bridal makeup. Bridal makeup really holds the look together and it needs to be flawless. After all, all eyes are on you! And besides the eye makeup, the lip color is what really catches the eye. And we’ve seen all kinds of lip shades, from bold to nude. What caught our eyes were brides who adorned contrasting lip colors with their wedding outfits. A wrong lip shade could be a disaster and we all know that. But these ladies made a bold choice by opting for contrasting lip colors for their bridal look.

Take Notes From These Brides Who Sported Contrasting Lip Colors For Their Wedding Functions-

1. You Know These Lips Don’t Lie

Despite opting for soft pastel hues, these brides opted for contrasting red lips to elevate their bridal makeup. With the bridal lehenga in subtle pastel colors, the red lip color adds a pop to the whole bridal look.

This bride opted for a contrasting lip color against her neutral outfit and jewelry tones for her engagement look.


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2. Deep Nude Contrasting Lip Colors

When the basic nude shade is too light but the bold red lips are too loud, going for a deep nude tone seems to be the right choice. Just like these brides chose a darker shade of nude lipstick and rocked their bridal makeup.

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3. Make It Pop!

When your bridal outfit is loud enough to do all the talking, then your bridal makeup can take a backseat. This means you don’t need to opt for a bold makeup look. If your outfit is loud, keep your makeup subtle and add a little tint of color with your lipstick.

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4. Making A Bold Statement With Contrasting Lip Colors

We love how these brides opted for the good old bold red lips to contrast with their neutral bridal outfits. You can’t deny the fact that those red lips really bring your eye to their face. That’s the power of a bold red lip shade.

5. How The Tables Have Turned

While we saw brides who opted for red lip shades to make a bold statement, these brides kinda went in a different direction. With classic red bridal lehengas, these brides opted for nude lip shades to contrast their bridal looks. Isn’t this just awesome?

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