Best refinance services by Rateking

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Best refinance services by Rateking
Financing schemes

The term financing serves to refer to a set of monetary or credit means, destined for the fulfillment of a project. The most common way to obtain financing is through a loan . Since some projects are such a fundamental part in the development of companies that contribute directly to the development of the country, there are government agencies that offer financing funds at very competitive rates, allowing companies to access the best technology to a relatively cheap cost of money. Government funds are not the only option. Almost all banks offer options to finance investment, and some technology provider companies, too. You can best refinance service from Rateking.

The investment in then becomes a capital investment, which financially becomes part of the company's assets and depreciates month by month.

Leasing schemes

The lease consists of the transfer, acquisition, or use of temporary use of IT equipment in exchange for a certain amount of money. Generally, the lease is made for previously established periods of time, and in most cases, they include a clause where the lessee is given the option to acquire the equipment for a fraction of the cost at the end of the contract.

A common cause in which leasing options are used is in government projects, where budgets for investment in technology are scarce and difficult to access. The lease is established in a term equal to that of the government in office, for example, you can lease the complete infrastructure for the modernization of the mayor's offices, for a period of 3 years, which is the term that the presidents last municipal. At the end of this period, the next government may decide whether to acquire the technology, extend the contract, or seek a new contract.

When we talk about leasing, there is no capital investment. The cost of the lease goes directly to the operating costs of the company, and there is also no depreciation expense, or a remaining value since these are the responsibility of the lessor. Some technology integrator companies and some manufacturers offer leasing services.

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