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Best Online Language Tutor For All Language

I still recall my first gig as a Spanish language coach. I loved learning languages and was fluent in Spanish after studying it for a couple of years in university in the US and abroad, residing in the Dominican Republic, a Spanish-speaking country in the Caribbean. I was passionate about studying the language and spent all my free time and a little cash on it.

I chose my speech skills needed to begin paying back everything I'd spent in them, so I got up the courage to place a tutoring ad on Craigslist.

Two days after, my first customer responded to the advertisement. I had a language tutor gig!

I felt excited but also anxious and lacking confidence. I guess it was not so bad because he agreed to do a handful of tutoring sessions with me. I wasn't sure of myself, though, and wish I had had a guide, a mentor, someone to show me how to go from language student to language tutor.

This little step proved to be the beginning of an entrepreneurial language instruction journey. I eventually decided to assist language students with my native language, English, and perform it in a big way online, developing a six-figure business that supports me and enables me to live my fantasy lifestyle.

The change from the role of student to the use of instructor is a huge one -- but it has lots of benefits. You are going to be making money. You'll be more inspired to improve your language abilities. You'll be challenged and motivated to stay ahead of your students and find answers to questions you never thought of asking.

In short, getting a foreign language tutor is a great way to get paid to do what you love and use your skills to assist others.

For this article, I am presuming you speak your target language at an upper-intermediate degree or higher. Otherwise, your first step is to work on your language abilities.

Let's take a peek at everything you need to choose yourself from speech learner to language tutor.

Pick Which Language You'll Teach.

First, determine if you would like to teach your native language or your foreign language.

A number of my friends who are teachers also taught English (their second language) to speakers of their native language because English is more in-demand and can have a fantastic career in their home countries teaching it. On the other hand, I also have friends from other countries who decided to stay in the US and teach their native language, for example, Korean, to native Language speakers.

Teaching a language other than your native language can make you a better teacher. You know what it's like to learn the terminology, and you're able to retrace the steps you took when you are showing your students how to learn.

Find Your Purpose for Being a Language Tutor

As with starting any new enterprise, becoming a language coach will not always be a smooth ride. Understanding your goal for tutoring keeps you motivated, so you will continue even when things get rough.

What's your reason for wanting to tutor? Do you want to get money? Connect with other language students? Support your travels? Challenge yourself to continue to learn that your foreign language?

I had been motivated by all those reasons! I wished to become a language tutor and instructor to get paid to do something I loved: -- talk another language and help others do the same. Once I started teaching online, I was able to travel to over 20 countries in one year.

Create Your Own Language Tutor" Internship" by Offering Free Courses

The first time I tutored English as a second language was during a volunteer gig with an Argentinian woman in an adult education program. Because it wasn't paid, I did not feel under stress -- so it no nerve-wracking. It was super fun, and that I made a new buddy.

Start small by creating your internship with volunteering gigs or with low-pressure gigs. You'll grow your expertise and ability set. I recommend asking your students to give you feedback on how you can improve.

Bear in mind that you do not need to be perfect, but you need to help your students.

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