Best down-feather cooling pillow

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Best down-feather cooling pillow

Though not specifically advertised as cooling, many reviewers found that they didn’t overheat while sleeping on this supportive goose-down pillow. “I’ve had neck issues forever and trouble with insomnia. But this pillow has literally changed my life. It is so comfortable and stays cool,” says one reviewer. Another calls it,“full, soft, and cool to the touch,” and a third writes, “Five stars because I can’t find a best cooling pillow thing not to like … They’re not hot to sleep on. They don’t squish down to nothing. They’re practically perfect.” Reviewers also called out its soft-yet-substantial shape and found it to be a great deal for the price. Per one reviewer: “I have a bad neck, low back, mid back shoulder. I know my pillows, trust me. I sleep on my back, sides and stomach. You can squeeze this pillow to the thickness you want or push the feathers outward to be more flat when sleeping on your back. It stays where you put it … I want more for my guest room, kids’ room, RV and even the airplane.”

Reviewers loved the quality of this pillow, especially with its lower price, even if one admits initial skepticism. But after using the pillow for two and a half weeks, the shopper is still loving it: “It supports my head all night long without flattening, while not being too firm. It’s perfect … Also, it doesn’t get hot like normal or down pillows, so I never have to flip it over.” Another reviewer writes, “I have neck issues and have used cooling pillow the ergonomic memory pillows for years to limit my neck pain. After trying this pillow, I can honestly say I no longer wake up with neck pain. Great pillow cooling pillow

 for a great price.” Shoppers also found that this one stays cool all night. “I didn’t wake during the night to shift my pillow or to change sides. I normally sweat on my pillow, and this pillow was completely dry,” one explains. “The gel in the foam really does work at cooling.” Another writes, “I had bought every pillow on the market over the years, and this one is certainly the most comfortable, most cooling, and most supportive yet.”

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