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With the Marriage Act is becoming a legal requirement for all Indian married couples to get a divorce, the demand for best divorce lawyer in Delhi has increased manifold. It was in 1984 when the law came into being. Under the new law all such marriage that was to end in India would require the intervention of a special marital code attorney who could help both the parties to reach an agreement as to the terms of the divorce and then sign it while representing only one of the two parties. This means that only if both the parties were willing and could sign a contract with each other they would be able to get married. This has led to a marked increase in the number of divorce cases as people are now realizing that they cannot get married alone these days without some kind of help. This is why hiring such an attorney becomes very important at this point of time.


The Indian Divorce Act clearly states that the duration of the marriage shall be decided between the two parties and that the judge will try his best to help the woman to get the maximum amount of alimony (alimony is the amount paid by one party to the other after dividing assets among them as per the marriage act). The amount of alimony actually differs from state to state and is also decided on the basis of the income of the person getting married and that of the wife. But what is common across most of the states is that the amount of alimony paid should be decided between the two parties as per their financial capability. This would mean that the alimony given to a woman should be equal to that which she receives from her husband or that which she can manage to earn after getting divorced from him. And this should be decided without holding any discussion with either the husband or the wife about their earning capacity.


Another area of law where mutual divorce lawyers in Delhi can help you is when there is a dispute over the custody of a child. Even in a divorce case there might be some difference of opinion over the custody of the child. Some parents want to be fully involved in the upbringing of the child while others don't want that at all. And this leads to a lot of arguments over whose child the child will live with. The mutual divorce lawyers in Delhi will work together with you to help you get through this very difficult situation.


Another important thing to take care of is that during a divorce case, both the parties are bound to make the necessary payment (125 cr.p.c) towards the litigation, irrespective of who is the claimant and who is the respondent. However, the respondent has certain legal rights too. So if he doesn't make the requisite payment for the legal expenses related to the divorce case, then the claimant can approach the best divorce lawyer in Delhi and file the petition for the recovery of the dues. In such a scenario, the lawyer representing the respondent stands to earn a certain part of the amount, which is known as 'innocent cash' to help the claimant handle the monetary issues that come up during the course of the litigation.


It is always advisable to hire a good divorce lawyer in Delhi even when you have to face some serious issues regarding the child custody, as the lawyer will be able to defend your case with the utmost professionalism. There are various different reasons why people go for a divorce, but the most common reason is the inability of either party to fulfill the needs and requirements of the other. This can be due to various factors like physical, emotional, or economical. However, if you are looking to get out of the marriage, then it's best to hire a good and reputed Delhi divorce lawyer. An experienced lawyer will be able to handle all sorts of cases relating to family law, including domestic violence and the like.


However, alimony is one area that many women try to fight for during the course of a divorce, especially when they fear that their husband may not pay them adequately for the role they have played in their house. Alimony is also one of the major reasons why many people go for a divorce. It is generally agreed that the woman is the main wage earner of the family, and the man has to pay her according to the number of children she has or helps her earn. This ensures that she gets a fair share of the money that is made by working. There are various types of alimony that have been introduced in the laws of various states, including: life-in-mates, lifetime, equal-time, maintenance, spousal support and equal-amount-of-income-over-years.

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